Work from scratch. Iulian Suciu, former chef of the Intercontinental Group in Ireland, has returned to his hometown of Târgu-Mureş and opened Green Kitchen, a healthy food restaurant with a turnover of 1.3 million lei.

One of the most important development plans is to open a restaurant in Cluj Iulian Suciu’s ambition is to apply the concept of “farm to fork”, so that he can get supplies from farmers every morning and provide healthy food to customers. Green Kitchen has a minimum of 100 vouchers per day, the value of the voucher is 40-60 lei.

Longing for his family, the place where his roots lie, and his insistence on believing he could do business in Romania, brought Julian Socio back to the country, after 12 years living and working in Ireland as a chef for the Intercontinental Group. He returned to Romania with his wife and daughter and established Green Kitchen in Târgu-Mureş, a restaurant serving healthy food, opened after an investment of €60,000. Its turnover last year was 1.3 million lei.

“I came back to the country to be with my family. After 12 years in Ireland, our dream was to come home and start our own business. Not knowing exactly what it would look like, I made a business plan, raised some money and through the Home Entrepreneur program we were able to make our dream come true. And that’s how we created Green Kitchen. It’s a fast food restaurant with healthy food. We only use fresh ingredients, don’t have a freezer, don’t make anything fried, all sauces are home made, and we use biodegradable cutlery and bowls to be as green as possible. The restaurant on September 17, 2019. “Last year we reached a sales figure of 1.3 million lei – 50% from private sources and 50% through the Home Entrepreneur programme, with a total investment of 60,000 euros.”

Today, Green Kitchen has a team of nine employees. From the very beginning, when all tasks were entrusted to Iulian Suciu and his wife, the company had very good results. In the first three months of operation, the restaurant reached a sales figure of 300,000 lei, and in 2020 it reached 880,000 lei. The green kitchen later moved to a larger site with an area of ​​100 square metres, and the investment in this new location was around €100,000.

“We knew it simply at the time. We got involved in this project, we found a suitable location, and we didn’t have time to think too much about whether it was good or not. From the first day I was at the top, I didn’t have to bring money from home and we got our investment back. “.

The Green Kitchen has nine seats and a balcony and puts a lot of emphasis on the delivery area, both with delivery platforms and with the help of service providers.

Moreover, about 50-60% of orders come from the delivery area. Currently, there is a fixed menu for the restaurant, divided into several categories: hot dishes with rice, salads, soups, cold pressed juices, smoothies and some natural juices without sugar.

The February Mumbai dish is an Indian-inspired Mumbai dish that includes a mixture of rice, tandoori chicken breast, red cabbage, cashew raisins, mango chutney and a mint yoghurt chutney.

Iulian Suciu claims that every day he gets a minimum of 100 coupons, and on average, the value of the coupon ranges from 40 to 60 lei.

He says that everything he does in this business he learned in Ireland, and if he were to start over, he would at any time. He faced most of the difficulties on the supply side in Romania, as this system is difficult to operate in the country, especially in the context of the pandemic.

The entrepreneur tries to get as much supply as possible from local producers. “We extend ourselves from large supply networks and also have contracts with two farms in Târgu-Mureş, which provide us with fresh goods every day, such as spinach, parsley or parsnips.”

His dream is to implement the concept of “farm to fork” so that he can get supplies from farmers every morning, make preparations and serve them to customers, but this could take about 5 years.

Iulian Suciu was confident that he would return to the country and fulfill his dream of creating something from scratch. He believes that if you like what you’re doing, if you work hard for more than 8 hours a day, you can succeed, although he admits that a chef in Ireland can earn about 100,000 euros a year, including bonuses.

However, his master plan included Romania, he wanted to come home, open a site, consolidate it, and now he wants to double his business. “We plan to open a new location in Cluj.”

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