Work from scratch. Edward Prodin and his brothers Frisco Gogo developed a brand of fruit and vegetable juices produced in Iasi, with an investment of €44 thousand through Start-Up Nation

♦ Frisco Gogo means in 2019 sales volume of nearly 300,000 lei and a team of six month after month, however, sales increased, only in July, for example, equal to their value in January and April.

Edward Brodin, 28, started developing Fresco Jugo business with his brothers, at the end of 2018, after they proved they wanted a business from scratch in food. She vacillated between pastries and natural juices, shifting the balance to the second choice, so today Frisco Gogo is her brand of cold-pressed and pasteurized juices, vegetables and fruits.

“We have a factory in Leţcani town, Iaşi province, where we invested 44,000 euros through Start-Up Nation. I also added own money, savings and loans from friends and family. I had no experience, I just had the will,” Edward Prodan told ZF Afaceri via Internet from the start.

Over time, they have developed seven different types of juice, including apple, pear, carrot, chokeberry, quince and orange, and are now preparing to add new variants for HoReCa customers, which account for more than 80% of the brand’s sales. The fruits and vegetables found in Romania are purchased from local producers, and for lemons, oranges and pomegranates, the three businessmen cooperate with an importer.

“Most of the HoReCa clients are from Moldova. At first we had only 50 clients from Iai, then we started expanding in Bacau, Suceava, Piatra Neamt, Paşcani. From the site, we order groceries and restaurants from all over the country. We have about 15 clients from Bucharest, Voxani and Galati. and other cities. We also got to the tourist areas, in Vatra Dornei ”, says Edward Prodin.

Fresco Jugo meant in 2019 a sales volume of nearly 300,000 lei, adds the entrepreneur and a team of six. However, sales increase month by month only in July, for example, as their value equals that of January-April.

“We are thinking about exporting and we are close to implementing the idea. We have contacts in Germany and Sweden who can help us out for export.”

With the emergency, when restaurants closed, the founders of Fresco Jugo focused on online sales, so they completely reorganized the site and planned to continue developing the online segment.

“We are also in supermarkets, like the Lorimer chain in Paschani. We have tried Lidl, and we are in negotiations with Carrefour and Auchan.”

Fresco Jugo juices, also available on the eMAG platform, are sold in two types of packaging. Most contain 330 milliliters and cost between 5.5 and 7 lei. There is also a variety of 3-liter bottles, the cost of which varies from 19 to 22 lei, depending on the ingredients.

“The plan for 2020 is to move from where we produce now, where we rent. We bought a plot of land to build a production hall. There we will need 11-12 people. As a number of clients, we should double our portfolio.”

In addition to export, which is included in the list of short-term plans, Eduard Prodan wants to take the Fresco Jugo brand everywhere in Romania.

“Another idea, half implemented, is to develop new Fresco Therapy products, therapeutic juices, also with 100% fruit content, from fruits and vegetables known for their health benefits, such as cranberries, ginger and beetroot. We tested the production method, chose the packaging and labels, and just had to present them for customers,” Edward Proudan adds.

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