What you should know about natural juices made at home

Thursday January 19 2012, 1:41 pm

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As for alcoholic drinks, it is recommended not to mix them because they are neither good nor healthy, and a hangover the next day is manifested as a real disease that must be treated on this basis. The same has to be said for natural juices, especially when taken as a cure for some ailments.

Combinations of juices, whether fruits and vegetables, or both fruits and vegetables, may not always be the most appropriate and the effects you would expect in a longer or longer time.

If you decide to follow a natural remedy with juice, then impose a certain regime and follow some rules that will help you get the desired results faster in time.

Natural fruit or vegetable juice can only be drunk at home, with your own preparation, even if some are on sale in supermarkets or health food stores. Through pasteurization, commercial juices lose much of their quality.

In terms of nutrition, juices prepared at home are better than those in the market because they will not contain preservatives and will be consumed fresh the day we prepare them, because this is very important.

Potato juice is consumed immediately after cooking

If possible, buy products from the market, from the kiosk, even if they are not as bright and perfect in shape and color as those from abroad and countries and found in supermarkets. Choose healthy, strong, and pure varieties.

At home, wash it well and let it dry naturally. Then cut it into pieces and pass it through the juicer. After its preparation, let the juice “rest” for 10-15 minutes and then drink it with small, rare sips in time while watching a series or news. Potato juice is only drunk immediately after cooking because it oxidizes very quickly.

True, natural juices are not antibiotics, drugs that must be strictly adhered to at the time of their intake. But juices are also medicines, so it is good to respect the time interval in which they are drunk to give the body the necessary period of time in which the elements in the composition act.

Not only should you drink natural fruit or vegetable juices when you are sick. They are invigorating and pleasant to the taste, real pharmacy vitamins and minerals, they are not as expensive as synthetic drugs, are not addictive and have no side effects. Natural juices increase the body’s immunity and facilitate the digestion process, giving the body peace of mind and calm.

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