Vaslui City Hall of Citizens: “Support life, donate blood!” – New weather

CALL! …the Barald County Transfusion Center will, next week, return to Vaslui for new mobile kits.

Donations… The local authorities have launched an appeal to the people of Vaslui who can and want to donate blood and save lives. The Barald County Transfusion Center will return to Vaslui next week for new mobile kits. “Vaslui City Hall continues to support the municipality’s blood collection activity, after last year, in December, it made the County Emergency Hospital a place where the Bârlad County Transfusion Center could conduct mobile collections. Those who wish to make the gesture and meet admission requirements, can do so in days Coming from Tuesday, May 17 and 24, respectively, at the headquarters in St. Stefan cel Mare, Vaslui. We are waiting for you starting at 08:00. Support life, donate blood!”, Vaslui City Hall quoted yesterday.

Warning: Not everyone can donate blood. Harvesting is carried out under strict conditions, and the donor must follow some rules: between 18-60 years; be a Romanian citizen or resident in Romania; weighs more than 50 kg; you have a blood pressure of 10-18 mmHg; You have not had surgery in the past six months; not be registered with various diseases in the treatment (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, blood diseases, kidneys, infectious or parasitic diseases, rheumatism, nervous system, allergies, etc.); not be prone to prolonged bleeding in case of injury; A woman should not be: pregnant, breast-feeding, breast-feeding, or menstruating. Recommendations before donation: Do not consume alcoholic beverages at least 72 hours before donation. Smokers should not smoke cigarettes prior to the donation process; People undergoing treatment should not take the pills before donating. Recommendations on the day of donation: breakfast rich in vitamins (fruits and vegetables), without animal fats and proteins (butter, dairy, meat) with fluid intake (tea, water, natural fruit juices, coffee); Do not smoke for an hour before and after the donation.

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