To eat lunch. Why it is not good to eat products

To eat lunch. According to a recent study, many Romanians say they don’t have time for lunch, and 53% of respondents say the main cause is that they don’t have simple recipes that can be prepared quickly. . In addition, at breakfast, too many people eat foods that do not provide them with the necessary nutrients.

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To eat lunch. “For example, if you choose simple carbs for the first meal of the day, like pastries, they won’t provide the amount of protein you need at each meal. This habit will make you feel even hungrier throughout the day.

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A high protein breakfast will reduce your appetite throughout the day, helping to control your appetite. Hydration should not be neglected either, the body also needs fluids,” says associate professor Dr. Corina Zugravu, according to

To eat lunch. Omelette. The mistake we all make when getting ready in the morning

Omelet is one of the tastiest breakfast dishes. But few know how to make a delicious omelette correctly. Here are the secrets!

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To eat lunch. Stop cooking over high heat

The high heat decreases the protein structure of the eggs, so in the end the preparation will be harder and drier. That’s what professional chefs say. Medium flame is the most recommended option. Thus, the temperature will be optimal for the preparation.

Do not add water, cream or milk to the composition

Pouring milk, cream or water while beating eggs does not make them softer, but harder. Also, any added liquid will separate from the eggs when the mixture is set on fire.

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Only add salt or other spices when the omelet is ready

Many add a pinch of salt when beating the eggs. It only attracts moisture, which is like adding milk or water. It is good to add salt when the omelet is almost ready. SEE MORE TIPS FOR OUTLET

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