Three LEIs fought for Neam’s Young Entrepreneur on ‘Imperiul Leilor’

A young man from Neamt County laid the foundations Orange Valley (a company with sea buckthorn juices and syrups), he managed to reach the hearts of investors in the lion empire through his work.

Although he can live more than decently on his salary in IT, Paul Crito He wanted to get into business.

He intensively studied the beneficial properties of sea buckthorn and created his own farm, where he extracts the fruits necessary for making natural juices, juices and cosmetics.

The young man managed to obtain organic certification for many of the ingredients used in his products, but this did not surprise investors the most.

The figures presented in the offer are very attractive: 420 thousand euros – sales volume for 2021, with a profit margin of 20% and the possibility of tripling it in 2022.

To grow his business, Paul asked for 250 thousand euros for 25% of the business.

All five “LEI” investors (Dan Oko, Dr. Wargha Enati, Christina Batlan, Sebastian Dobrenko, Drago Petrescu) have shown interest in Paul’s business, and 3 of them have made offers to him.

In the end, Paul chose Dan Șucu (owner of Mobeexpert) as his partner and investor, who offered him 150,000 euros in capital in return for 20% of the business and 100,000 euros in the form of an interest-free company loan for two years.

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