They made a €15,000 bar with natural juices in the north of the capital

Alexandru Mihilo and Andre Floria have known each other since high school, 15 years ago, but only in the spring of last year did the two have the courage to start a business together. Although one is in the music business, and the other has moved from sales jobs, banking to restaurants during this period, for almost two months I have been running the bar with natural juices and Fresh & Happy juices in which they have invested up to 15,000 euros.

“I had the idea for a while, I’ve been thinking about it since 2010, but didn’t speak with Andre until 2012, because he is passionate about cooking. So last spring we decided to start a business, but it would be useful, something we believe in and we knew how We do,” said Alexandru Mihilo, 31.

However, it took more than a year for the bar to open, during which time the two developed a business plan and searched for a space that would bring them closer to the customers they wanted – businesses, always on the run, but increasingly interested in healthy eating. Towards the end of August this year, the Fresh & Happy bar opened its doors at the Aurel Vlaicu metro station in the north of the capital, on Pipera Street, and currently has about 15-20 loyal customers per day. They pay between 8 lei and 15 lei for 330 cups of natural juice made from a fruit, respectively, for 500 milliliters. In addition, Fresh & Happy sells other products, such as natural herbal teas, hot chocolate made with cocoa and plant-based milk, or raw vegan cakes.

However, in order to make ends meet and make some profit, the two entrepreneurs will need 30-40 loyal customers to cross the threshold every day i.e. what they can serve in an hour with the help of the equipment they own. “At first, I said we would invest about €10,000 for everything, but we found that we still had to invest money along the way, so the investment goes up to €15,000. But here are also the courses and seminars I attended to get to know this area better. With an opportunistic idea that it is a very convenient place, but we are really excited about what we do and it is a way of life for us,” explains Andre Floria, 30.

The vegetables and fruits from which juices and smoothies are made mostly come from local producers, but those that cannot be grown in the country are only imported from the European Union. In a short time, young entrepreneurs want to hire at least two people to help them run the bar, but also to take care of the delivery service they want to carry out. Moreover, they are also considering finding medium-term business owners to finance business development, but also to advise them in this regard.

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