They are spring – five highly effective natural remedies

  • Five natural remedies for spring sickness
  • How do you know it and what is it?
  • How long does spring last?

If you feel helpless during this time of the year, you feel physical and mental discomfort, your hair is falling out or you do not find the energy to do certain things, then this means that you may suffer from spring debility. There is no need to worry, because this period will pass quickly and you can prevent it with various natural remedies.

Five of the most effective natural remedies for vernal asthenia

Natural tea is the biggest advantage of spring asthenia. Here are some natural remedies you can use, but also what kind of teas will help you get through this period of your life!

Bee’s honey

Bee honey is a very effective natural remedy for springtime asthenia. Eat a tablespoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach, because it strengthens the immune system, fights disease, and helps to start a new day with a better mood.

Natural citrus juices: orange, lemon, bulbs

It is recommended to take natural citrus juices: orange, lemon, bait, because they bring you extra energy. The juices of natural orange, graft or lemon are very effective in spring asthenia.

dandelion tea

Dandelion flower tea is an effective and wonderful remedy for reducing irritability and anxiety.

St. John’s wort tea

St. John’s wort tea is another effective remedy because it helps fight insomnia, a common problem in debilitated people.

basil tea

It is recommended to use basil tea for people suffering from asthenia of the spring, as it is known that basil tea has an effect in improving the well-being of the human body.

What else can you do to get rid of asthenia?

To get rid of spring asthenia, it is recommended to take herbal baths because they comfort you. Hot baths with fir buds, or baths with chamomile and lime have a beneficial effect on the human body. It is also advisable to go out for a walk, because the warm weather should give you a reason to rejoice.

How long does spring last?

Spring asthenia does not last more than two weeks. If you notice that more than two weeks have passed and the asthenia has not gone away, it is most likely depression. In this case, it is recommended to consult a specialist!

What is spring and how do you know it?

Vernal asthenia is a condition in which the human body suffers from weakness, irritability, physical and muscle fatigue, but also other metabolic symptoms. This can be easily recognized by the fact that as soon as we move from one season to another, our body undergoes certain transformations.

As soon as spring appears, our body goes through an unpleasant period, we feel deprived of vitality and strength, which is not at all pleasant. Spring asthenia can affect both the level of our personal life and the level of our professional life.

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