“The weirder the better.”

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, author of highly successful cookbooks, challenged his fans to write about the most unusual combinations he consumes avocados in, in a post on his Facebook page.

The chief’s post garnered tens of thousands of comments.

What can you combine avocado with?

  • Avocado + feta cheese + pomegranate + nuts + vinaigrette (olive oil, hot pepper flakes, lemon)
  • Avocado, vegetables, bacon and eggs on toast.
  • Avocado and cream cheese on toast with a little salt. Surprising!
  • Avocado, smoked salmon, blueberries and lemon juice. Wordless!
  • Avocado, bacon, poached eggs and arugula
  • Avocado and cheese with mussel.
  • Avocado, dried tomatoes and pesto on wholemeal bread.
  • Avocado, toast, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.
  • Avocado, smoked salmon and poached eggs on a sweet croissant.
  • Raw avocado and spinach velouté with lemon juice, basil powder and hemp seeds.
  • Avocado and eggplant salad, a combo discovered at random.
  • Bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomatoes.
  • Avocado and smoked salmon are a great combination.
  • Avocado puree, sugar and milk = avocado shake
  • Avocado, bacon with a little chilli.
  • Avocado with toast on hummus.
  • Avocado, spinach, pineapple, coconut water smoothie

Avocado entremets

  • Avocado, mixed with crunchy peanut butter and spread on toast.
  • Avocado, lime and sugar. The perfect combination of sweetness
  • Avocado, cinnamon honey
  • Avocado, cocoa and maple syrup or honey, mixed in a smooth cream.
  • Chocolate mousse and avocado
  • Avocado ice cream

Romanians have caught the taste of this fruit originating from Mexico. Romania imports 30 times more avocados than ten years ago, according to Eurostat data.

The benefits of eating avocado

Monounsaturated fats as well as oleic acid make avocado an ally of a healthy cardiovascular system.

Avocado consumption lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, thins the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots.

Avocado also has benefits for the nervous system, improving attention and memory.

It helps us fight stress and the folic acid it contains is essential for the optimal development of brain cells and tissues.

The large number of vitamins and minerals support a healthy and strong immune system.

It helps in faster recovery during convalescence and is also recommended for children, being extremely nutritious and easy to digest.

It also has antibacterial, anti-cancer effects, contributes to healthy bones, eyes, teeth and skin.

It can alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of digestive disorders and regulate intestinal transit.

Vitamin E and other substances in its composition stimulate the natural production of collagen and deeply moisturize the skin with quality oils and fats.

How to choose a lawyer

To be tasty and easy to prepare, avocados must be cooked very well.

Either buy it already cooked or leave it for a few more days until it ripens.

When perfect for eating, the avocado has a soft texture – lightly press your fingers against the skin of the avocado and if you feel it has a slightly soft consistency, it’s ripe.

Varieties of avocado

Avocado Hass

The skin changes color as the fruit ripens. Initially, the skin of a Hass avocado is green, but the hue gradually fades, and when the fruit is fully ripe it will be black-purple.

This type of avocado is medium in size, the pit is egg-shaped and also medium in size, and the pulp of the ripe fruit is creamy and has a slight nutty taste.

Once the skin is completely dark in color, to test if the fruit is ripe, lightly press your finger on its skin, and if it turns out that the hardness has decreased and the pulp is softer, then the avocado is only good for consumption.

Lawyer Reed

The largest avocado fruits belong to the Reed variety and weigh more than 400 grams on average.

The fruit and seeds are almost spherical.

The skin is green with prominent spots, it does not change color, is thick and easy to clean. The reed avocado pulp is very tasty and creamy, and to check if it is ripe, light pressure is applied to the skin.

Pinkerton Lawyer

A Pinkerton avocado is easily recognized by its very elongated shape and dark green skin, with small bumps.

Inside is a small stone. The taste is similar to Hass avocado, but the skin does not change color over time, it has a moderate thickness and is easy to clean.

strong lawyer

The fruits of the Fuerte avocado are pear-shaped, and unlike a Hass avocado, it is larger and has a much thinner skin, with little roughness, keeping its green color.

Inside is a very pointed oval-shaped core.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze out the juice.

Bacon avocado

This variety of avocado is easily recognizable by the light green tint and the fine texture of the skin. The fruit is medium in size and the seeds are oval and medium to large in size.

The skin darkens a little, as the fruit ripens, being very thin, the pulp is easier to remove with a spoon.

ettinger avocado

Very suitable for smoothies or other recipes prepared in a blender, this avocado has a very creamy pulp. The Ettinger variety is distinguished both by its pear shape and by its thin, shiny and raw green bark.

The seeds are medium to large in size and the flesh acquires a yellowish tint as the fruit ripens.


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