The story of the new franchise launched by Fit Food Way in Oradea, …

In a cafe in the center of Oradea, guests find … health. Launched by the founders of the Fit Food Way franchise, which has spread across the country, the new franchise Made in Oradeacall sagoIt offers customers not only distinctive and aromatic coffee assortments, but also a wide and delicious selection of natural juices, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, cream soups and main dishes. Health and energy suddenly!

Fit Food Way recipe

The Sago franchise was launched in 2021 by Christian Naka, a young man from Oradea who was also behind the successful Fit Food Way project, with the services of “Diet Catering” i.e. serving healthy menus in the morning, prepared according to the advice of experts in nutrition.

In a few years, Fit Food Way They, like telephone networks, now have “national coverage”. The franchise is present in more than 20 cities, including Bucharest, Timisoara, Constanta, Brasov and Iasi, making it the largest “diet catering” company in Romania.

straight from the café

How was the Sago Café project launched? “It appeared in response to a request from our customers, who wanted direct access to Fit Food Way products. Until we opened the café, our dishes could only be ordered the day before on the internet,” explains Christian Naka of Oradea.

From last summer, Fit Food Way items can also be purchased directly from Sago Cafe, located in Calea Republicii No.. 28/a (near Cresol Shopping Centre). Meanwhile, two Sago Cafe franchises were opened in Brasov and Sibiu. More will follow…

with flavors

Those who cross the threshold of Café Sago find first and foremost the signature coffees, which come from Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil. “The coffee is brought from small farms, the beans are harvested by farmers, the process is not industrial, and then they are roasted by hand. In this way, the best qualities of the coffee are preserved,” says the owner.

Hot drinks are plentiful, including latte, flat white, iced coffee, orange cappuccino, hot chocolate, matcha latte and chai latte. Guests at Sago will also find cold-pressed, 100% natural juices, such as apple and sea buckthorn or apple, carrot and ginger, or sweet potato, apple and beetroot, as well as different types of kombucha.

Sweet and healthy

Every morning, the Sago Café in the center of Oradea is full of dishes prepared by the Fit Food Way, according to the same healthy recipes used in the catering service. Thus, customers can buy “to go” not only coffee, but also salads, cream soups, breakfast dishes (porridge with nuts, English breakfast), main dishes (from steak to curry), sandwiches and other goodies.

Sago guests will also find special desserts made by the Fit Food Way, to thank dessert lovers, but stay healthy. These include chia pudding with dark chocolate and sour cherries, tapioca pudding and lemon tart.

Sago Café is open Monday-Friday 7am-8pm, and Saturday 8am-2pm, with a show that doesn’t disappoint. Guaranteed by gourmets from all over the country…

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