The Sirtfood diet works wonders: Adele lost so many pounds with it

Dita was launched in 2016, but few people gave it the attention it needed at the time. Adele rolled her eyes away as it showed the transformation her body was going through. The diet chosen by the artist was combined with an exercise plan developed by a trainer especially for her.

Adele followed the Sirtfood Diet

Aidan Goggins and Glenn Mattin are the founders of the Sirtfood Diet. According to them, the diet is based on the consumption of nutrient-rich foods, as well as natural juices. It appears that foods with a high potential for activating sirtuins can get you the desired results in a relatively short time. Steroids help the body burn fat more easily and boost metabolism.

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Among the most popular foods on the menu are citrus fruits, berries, apples, turmeric, red wine, chocolate and coffee. However, according to experts, red wine and dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation. Adele understood this well, which is evidence that she managed to lose a large number of kilograms.

The Sirtfood diet is popular. In two phases. The first phase of the diet lasts for a week. In this first week, your calorie intake should be restricted and you should be consuming an average of 1,000 calories per day. In the first stage, most dieters encourage the consumption of green juices. It can be taken in place of the main meals and a maximum of three green juices per day is recommended.

Spinach juice and cucumber juice can also be very effective green juices. On the fourth day of the diet until the seventh, you can increase the calorie count to 1,500 calories, this will allow you to combine two green smoothies with two generous meals each day.

After these two phases, a maintenance plan combined with several exercises is recommended. Adele received many positive reactions after posting the first pictures on her social media accounts. Fans were happy to see her in better shape. His efforts were appreciated, and the Sirtfood diet grew in popularity.

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