The simplest and cheapest summer fresh juice recipes. You cool down at home without much effort

It is especially important to stay hydrated during the summer and consume as many healthy, vitamin-rich fluids as possible. fresh juice They are the most convenient way to do this. You do not have to spend money on trade, because you can make it at home. You will see that it is not difficult at all.

Here are some simple and inexpensive recipes that you can make at home Natural juices And calm down without much effort!

apple juice recipe

To make this juice, you need 4 or 5 larger apples. Wash them well, cut them in half and remove the seeds. Then boil it with enough water and leave it on the fire for 25 minutes. The resulting juice is allowed to filter and left to cool. If you want the drink to be sweeter, you can add sugar or sweetener to taste.

This juice has many benefits for the body, it strengthens the immune system and can be very useful when you suffer from constipation.

watermelon juice recipe

It is ideal for those who suffer from digestive issues or suffer from constant headaches. You need a watermelon of the right size, a grated lemon and 4 tablespoons of natural honey.

Cut all the fruits into pieces and put them with honey in a blender. Mix until a homogeneous composition is obtained. The drink can be served at room temperature or with ice cubes.

carrot juice recipe

An ideal summer juice rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. Strengthens the immune system and benefits digestion. You need a few larger carrots, wash, peel and cut into cubes or slices. Put a few pieces of apple in a blender and serve cold.

Orange juice with goji recipe

Juice with a peculiar smell, rich in vitamin C. To make it, you need 2 large oranges, 5 tablespoons of dried goji berries and a lime. Half of the orange is saved and the rest is juiced. Half an orange is put in a blender with goki and mixed with a few separators to get a homogeneous composition. Then pour into a large glass with orange juice and lemon juice.

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