The juice that protects your lungs. All Romanians who smoke should drink it daily

The juice that protects your lungs. All Romanians who smoke should drink it daily. Read about the treatment in the article below.

Do you smoke a lot and feel like your lungs are full? This magical juice cleans your lungs instantly

There is juice protects your lungs. All Romanians, especially those who smoke, should know about its existence and consume it.

For those who smoke or suffer from asthma, in a certain period of time it is necessary to cleanse their lungs with this natural remedy, which is considered a miracle.

Oxides and free radicals cause a lot of damage to the body

Also, those who suffer from breathing problems must take between 17,000 and 23,000 breaths per day, in which case the lungs are exposed daily to toxins and polluted air, whether from cigarettes, electric cigarettes, oil, fuel, or from the exploitation of various resources.

The lungs are damaged by the introduction of oxides and free radicals into the body. These substances can enter the bloodstream and cause cancer. Instead, introducing antioxidants into the diet helps the lungs, as antioxidants fight cellular deterioration and remove toxins from the air directly into the lungs.

What are the symptoms of respiratory problems:

lack of air
wheezing breath
Claw sensation in the chest
Local tenderness in the chest or back
Coughing up phlegm or blood

Symptoms of lung infections can be confused with other types of infection: fever, cough, excess mucus, body aches, sore throat, chest irritation, as well as extreme tiredness.

When the lungs are tired

Toxins are everywhere around humans, even in the air we breathe. Ambient dust, pollution, bacteria, viruses, and toxins are found everywhere on Earth.

People who live in densely populated cities are also more susceptible to all these harmful substances. Residents of the country are not protected.

Household products also affect the lungs

Many household products can also affect the proper functioning of the lungs. Thus, the lungs can be affected by cleaning products, talcum powder, washing-up conditioners, perfumes, scented candles, dust, and also animal scales.

In addition, indoor air can be a greater source of pollution than outdoor air. Indoor air contains toxins that affect the brain as well.

Juice that cleans and protects the lungs

Squeeze the juice of two lemons and mix it with 300 ml of water. Drink the juice before breakfast.

You should also drink 300ml of grapefruit or pineapple juice during lunch. These two juices contain natural antioxidants, which are very important for human and lung health.

What juice to drink in the afternoon and evening

In addition, in the afternoon, around 4:00 pm, drink 300 ml of fresh carrot juice. Carrot juice helps improve the alkalinity of the blood.

Last but not least, 300ml of potassium-rich juice should be consumed before dinner. The last substance is a very important element in cleansing the lungs.

Potassium rich juice

Put 300 grams of parsnip, 200 grams of sorrel and 300 grams of cucumbers in the juicer. You will get about 300ml of juice. Also, during the three days of drinking these juices, as long as it lasts a treat, physical exercise is a must.

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