The juice that all Romanians began to buy. Why are they crowding around it?

A certain juice has become very popular among the Romanians. Everyone who wants to enjoy a glass full of this very tasty liquid rushes to buy to make sure they always have a bottle of juice at home, so the producers have a round income.

What juice do Romanians prefer? What benefits do you actually enjoy?

Apple production was a record this year, so the producers wanted to take advantage of the rich harvest and go to offer another option for Romanians to consume this fruit. Those who live in Funeti, Dâmbovița, sell natural juice.

Many customers do not want to buy juice because they are afraid that it contains various additives and dyes, but the producers of Voineti claim that their drink is natural. They found the secret so that income is not affected if the apples are not sold as quickly as possible.

Specifically, apple growers in Voinești also started selling juice after noticing that the fruit was difficult to sell at unsatisfactory prices. They divert apples for consumption, but also for industrial use, without wasting, according to Adevărul.

What the apple growers of Voineti were able to do. Many people rejoiced when they found out

Oftentimes, apples that were not bought end up being discarded or made into brandy, but a new and unique idea has blossomed in the minds of those who grow this fruit! Thus, they were able to achieve financial gain, considering that many Romanians want to drink the natural juice produced in Voinești.

However, the price of a liter of apple juice reaches 6 lei, while one kilogram of fruit hardly reaches 1 lei. The Romanians also had many combinations, because producers realized the potential of the juice trade, so they started adding more fruits and vegetables.

“We sell 100% natural juice made in our own factory”

Fruit growers claim that people who want to buy juice can monitor production to make sure everything is natural. The types of cider they can taste are also unique, as promised by those who grow this fruit.

“We sell 100% natural juice made in our factory using apples from our orchard. Customers can come in person to see how the 100% natural juices are produced.

We also have apple juice + pear, apple + quince, apple + apple + sea buckthorn + beet, apple + grapes or apple + lemon. , explained a fruit farmer.

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