The drink that makes you grow old in a very short time. It has been scientifically proven – Evenimentul Zilei

It’s a soft drink! This is a real health hazard, but experts have explained its consequences for old age. Sweet drink accelerates the “deterioration” of our bodies.

Soft drink makes the body age, but most people consume it. a study Published in 2014, and published in the American Journal of Public Health, showed that regular consumption of soft drinks can cause premature aging at the cellular level and lead to obesity.

Scientists have found that people who drink more juice In white blood cells, telomeres tend to be shorter than others. Telomeres are actually sections of DNA found at the end of chromosomes.

Over the years, telomeres have been shown to be shorter than normal, resulting in a marked reduction in longevity and life expectancy. Experts have shown that people who consume juice suffer from chronic diseases.

Avoid soft drinks

Elisa Ebel, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, explains the phenomenon in more detail: “Regular consumption of sugar juices can influence disease progression, not only by stressing the body, but also by accelerating cellular tissue aging.” The specialist stated that it did not matter the age, race, salary or even the education level of the person concerned.

Another study, published in 2021 in the journal Current Nutrition Reports, found that consumption of sweetened beverages (such as sour juice) is closely associated with disturbances of the gut microbiome, inflammation and oxidative stress. Experts note that people who used sweetened beverages were much older.

Sour juice is appreciated by people all over the world, especially on hot days. However, experts advise to think about health, and not about the pleasure of a sweet drink. you may to Replace pleasure sinner With Juices Naturally or With glass from water Cool as taboo.

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