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When we want to prepare light and delicious food, the best Milanese pasta is perfect. These are easy to prepare, and if we use a few unique ingredients, we’ll get a portion of the irresistible spaghetti. Here’s a delicious dish recipe.

Milanese pasta, delicious, delicious and easy to prepare

When it comes to delicious spaghetti, the recipes are varied and amazing. Whether made with cheese or mushrooms, or with pork and chicken, spaghetti is nutritious, filling, and delicious.

If we want to enjoy the flavor of a simple and easy cooking setup, Spaghetti Milano is the perfect choice. Dessert should not be missing from the table either, so some pancakes with baked cheese are perfect.

For the most demanding people, we can prepare a few croissants in two colors, soft and fragrant, which will return to the table a taste of childhood. But if we want to make a wonderful dessert, then the Cornflower cake will surely impress the guests and everyone will like it.

Moreover, we can prepare some soft cookies or tart with caramelized apples for the little ones. When it comes to delicious dishes on the table, in addition to the delicious Spaghetti Milano, we can also make special, delicious and unique-looking appetizer rolls.

When we have guests, we can prepare Milanese pasta, and if we take into account a few tricks, we will get an irresistible and unforgettable cuisine.

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To get delicious Milanese pasta, we need 500 grams of whole pasta, 400 grams of ham, 1 can of mushrooms, 400 grams of tomatoes in the sauce, a head of garlic, cheese, salt, pepper and oregano.

First cut the pork into small cubes, then drain the mushrooms from the box and wash them in cold water. In a frying pan with a little hot oil, fry the pork to brown. Then add the mushroom cubes.

Mix well and add a little salt. After the mushrooms and ham have hardened well, add the tomato sauce. Stir again and add salt, pepper, and oregano for more flavour. Bring the mixture to a boil until the sauce reduces slightly.

Meanwhile, the pasta is prepared. Boil in boiling water with a pinch of salt and leave for 10 minutes. After the pasta has boiled enough, let it dry.

Put the grated cheese on top of the tomato sauce and mix well. It will melt and we will get a delicious composition. Mix the pasta with the sauce and add a little oregano.

For Milanese pasta, we can also use onions, basil, sweet pepper, a little parsley and thyme, as well as chicken breasts. Kids also prefer this spaghetti as it is nutritious and fragrant. We will surely get you the most delicious and delicious Milanese pasta.

If we want to enjoy the taste of delicious cuisine, then we can easily prepare Milanese pasta at home. It is prepared on the spot, and if we add some unique ingredients or spices, we will have an irresistible food for those at the table.

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