That’s what Poutine eats every day: boiled fish, oatmeal, quail egg omelette, miso soup and pistachio ice cream. Drink only green tea and eat lunch

Vladimir Putin has a strict diet based on fruits, cheeses, fish and teas

Vladimir Putin has a strict diet based on fruits, cheeses, fish and teas

Vladimir Putin has outraged an entire planet with his controversial statements and actions, and he is certainly the character of the moment. The leader is not only attentive to the way he prepares for his appearances and gives his speeches, but also to his diet, which must be balanced, because the head of the Kremlin is approaching 70 years old.

There are more and more rumors that the President of the Russian Federation suffers from an incurable disease. Perhaps that’s why Putin has taken more care of his health lately, according to DailyMail. According to the Moscow press, Vladimir Putin finishes his broadcast quite late in the morning, which is why he gets up only around noon, when he also serves breakfast. Putin is very strict about the origin of the ingredients from which the food is prepared, with breakfast prepared using safe ingredients from the agricultural estate of Kirill, the Russian patriarch. From the first meal of the day there is no lack quail egg omelethis favorite, but also cow cheese which provides the leader with a healthy supply of protein and fat. All of this is consumed alongside a glass that contains freshly squeezed fruit juice.

When traveling, everything the chef eats is tested in front of specialists, so that the food is not contaminated. Vladimir Putin finishes his first meal of the day with a large cup of coffee, and if he doesn’t have enough, he serves too a bowl of oatmeal, a snack he has loved since childhood. According to Pravda, the former propaganda channel of the Soviet Union, the leader has a very healthy diet, which is mainly based on tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. Although he is extremely careful with his diet, Vladimir Putin also has a favorite dessert: pistachio ice cream.

Fish only boiled, never fried

According to Food Perestroika, Vladimir Putin eat only boiled or steamed fish, never fried or cooked in oil. It is known that Russians prefer fish in soups and soups and less fried in a pan. Proof that the Russian leader has the same preferences as his people. Besides fish, another favorite meat is mutton. But avoid sweets. Often the Kremlin leader tends not to eat at all in the afternoon and sometimes skips dinner due to his busy schedule. However, kefir it is one of the few foods that seems to appear regularly in various reports on Putin’s diet.

Quas and miso soup, on the favorite list

The favorite drink of the Russian president is also not chosen at random. He loves a lot green tea and kvass, a drink made from rye and rye bread, extremely popular in countries of the former Soviet Union. “It seems that soup soup he doesn’t lack it, and instead of water he prefers green tea, known for its unbeatable and antioxidant properties,” the Daily Mail sources said.

What does Putin do after breakfast?

After breakfast, Vladimir Putin likes to spend about two hours in his own swimming pool. Later, the chief do sports to keep fit. He always prefers to train with weights rather than doing cardio exercises. Sometimes Vladimir Putin opts for an ice hockey match with his goalies. He is also a fan of martial arts. He is a black belt in judo and is used to training with his men whenever he has the opportunity, even at 69 years old.

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