Star, first day of market fair: Announcement of “Little ocaua”, customers about the game

author: George Aldea

Posted in March 28, 2022

Star, the first day of the market fair: Announcement of

On Saturday, March 26, the first fair of domestic producers was scheduled to take place in Star Square in the center of Brasov, an event that promises to be usually at this location, more empty than full so far. City Hall is trying to make up for Ford’s shortage – agricultural producers are as scarce as customers, and local dealers are already known for their “central prices”.
Now, on the first day of the fair, Star Square was presented as the “Market of Brasov Producers”, with 14 local producers, hygienically licensed, according to the city council, to sell cheese, dairy products from buffalo milk, cheese and traditional products from bran, mature cheeses and milk from milk Beef, mayonnaise bread and pastries, salmon and trout products, 100% natural oilseeds, cold-pressed seed oils, sea buckthorn juice, berries and natural juices, hand-made sweets and cakes, traditionally distilled fruit brandy and handcrafted natural cosmetics.
“This event is only the first in a series of such actions that will take place in Star Square in order to revitalize this place in the heart of the city. It is part of the municipality’s strategy to bring flying markets closer to the residents of Brasov, and later to the neighborhoods,” said Vice Mayor Flavia Poggio. Promotion of natural and local products.
Since the event had only been announced the day before, it didn’t take long for the news to get out, and the clients… kind of joked. Of the 14 products advertised, only 5 were dairy-based, according to Transilvania 365 (photo).


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