Spaghetti Carbonara, Florine Domitrescu’s recipe: the secrets of great taste!

Anyone who has visited Italy at least once can’t help but try the delicious pasta carbonara. And those who want to cook it according to the traditional recipe do not have to do anything but follow the step-by-step recipe of Chef Florin Domitrescu.

In fact, on his Facebook page, a nice jury of “chefs with knives” shared everyone how to make pasta carbonara just like in Italy.

Many were surprised to learn that there is no cream added to this delicious pasta and that only a few ingredients are needed to get its juicy taste.

Chef Florin Domitrescu prepares the carbonara

Secrets Revealed by Chef Florin Domitrescu

Chef Florin Domitrescu has posted in a YouTube video all the secrets he learned himself from top Italian chefs.

From the necessary ingredients to the method of preparation, it was revealed by the kind chef Florin Domitrescu.

In order to get the traditional taste of pasta carbonara, Chef Florin Domitrescu recommends cooking the pasta according to the instructions. Another great secret of the cute chef is that he fryes the bacon in a little olive oil, after which he has to pour a little bit of boiling water in it.

Chef Florin Domitrescu in the kitchen

In order for the pasta to turn out to be excellent, the cook recommends the housewives to use only the yolk with dried and salted bacon or pecorino.

These are the tricks that great chef Florin Domitrescu has shared with all those who want to make some pasta with carbonara at home, just like in Italy.

Chef Florin Domitrescu in the kitchen

Spaghetti Carbonara, Florine Dometrisco’s recipe: ingredients for true Italian taste

To prepare pasta carbonara, chef Florin Domitrescu uses about 400 grams of smoked bacon or caesar, 100 grams of grated Parmesan cheese, eggs, boiled pasta, olive oil, salt and pepper. Florin Domitrescu usually cuts smoked bacon or Caesar into cubes, and then hardens them in olive oil, in a pre-heated frying pan.

Separately, chef Florin Domitrescu mixes eggs with grated Parmesan cheese until it looks like somewhat creamy pasta.

Chef Florin Domitrescu

In terms of preparing pasta, Florin Domitrescu says it’s a good idea to follow the instructions on the package and pay attention to the entire cooking process.

When done, pour the pasta over the bacon with the sauce. Mix well, turn off the heat, add the egg yolk and grate the Parmesan cheese. In the end, Chef Florin Domitrescu mixes well and seasons with freshly ground pepper.

Fans of Chef Florin Domitrescu were very pleased with the recipe and asked him to serve them more.

Chef Florin Domitrescu prepares the carbonara

Recipe learned from great Italian chefs

It is worth noting that the recipe for pasta carbonara comes from the Lazio region and is one of the most famous and most famous Italian recipes.

Italians usually prefer spaghetti in this recipe, but other types of pasta, such as fettucinne, regatoni or linguine, can also be used.

It should be noted that the jury of “Chefs at Knives” left for Italy in 2007 to specialize in gastronomy, working in a restaurant where he had to serve 800 servings of pasta a day.

Then he got a job in a hotel where he prepared meals for 250 people with the chef.

After 3 years, he returned to Romania and got a job in a restaurant in Bucharest. In 2012, Chef Florin Domitrescu made his first appearance on the cooking show on Pro TV, “Masterchef”, with Soren Pontea and Cătălin Scărlătescu. Since 2016, Florin Domitrescu, along with two close friends, has moved to Antena 1, where he is still a member of the jury of the culinary show “Chefs with Knives”.

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