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Savory waffles are an ideal choice for a healthy and tasty breakfast. They are quick and easy to prepare, requiring only a few ingredients. The recipe can be adapted to serve as a dessert.

Sweet starters can be eaten with strawberries, vanilla mascarpone cream, honey or blueberries. At the same time, savory can be served with a filling of cream cheese, parmesan or with avocado and salmon.

Bacon and egg savory waffles

Savory waffles are perfect for a quick and healthy breakfast. You will need a waffle maker to prepare this recipe. From the quantities mentioned, you get about 8 servings, but if you want more, you can double or triple the quantities. In the composition, you can add basil, thyme, spinach, dried tomatoes or peppers. They are also a suitable snack for the little ones and can be stored in the fridge for up to 2-3 days. You will start by beating two eggs with 300 milliliters of milk, salt and pepper to taste. Then add a teaspoon of baking powder and 200 grams of flour gradually. Mix everything until the composition is homogeneous with a spoon or wooden spoon.

Optionally you can also use a blender or mix everything in a blender. At the end, add 125 grams of diced bacon, 2-3 chopped green onions, 60 grams of melted butter and 50 grams of parmesan. Mix all the ingredients again with a wooden spoon. The resulting composition should be more homogeneous than that of pancakes. The waffles will be baked in the special waffle maker until golden brown. They can be served at a glance for a larger breakfast.

Vanilla waffles, a sweet breakfast

Waffles can be prepared both savory and sweet. Sugar can be served for dessert or for breakfast with coffee or tea. As with savory foods, you need a waffle iron to prepare them. From the mentioned ingredients you will get about four servings. You will start by separating the egg whites from the yolks. They will be beaten separately with a pinch of salt. Then add the egg yolks, 50 grams of melted butter, 150 milliliters of milk and a packet of vanilla sugar. The resulting composition is gradually supplemented with 150 grams of flour and mixed with a whisk.

For a special flavor, add a grated lemon zest. And in their case, the composition must be more consistent than that of pancakes. This will be poured into the waffle iron which will be pre-greased with butter, then wait four minutes to cook. Depending on the device of each, the cooking time may be different. Once ready, the waffles can be sprinkled with sugar and served or eaten with chocolate cream, cream or fresh fruit.

The recipe for savory waffles is easy to prepare and can be served as an appetizer. Also, for those who prefer a sweeter breakfast, they can opt for their preparation with sugar and vanilla.

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