Root juices with healing powers

Although meteorologists have announced temperatures for the coming period, which in some areas will reach and even exceed 30 degrees, the signs of autumn are appearing more and more: the days are shorter, the mornings are colder, the greenness of the trees has faded. , and market stalls overburdened the richness of fruits and vegetables, which patiently waited for their customers to take them home.

Fruits and vegetables can be consumed as such or, for greater effectiveness, in the form of fresh juice, prepared at home.

Due to their rich content of vitamins, mineral salts and dietary fiber, juices help prevent and treat many diseases, regenerate affected tissues, and prepare the body for the upcoming cold period, but certain conditions are specified: fruits and vegetables must be raw and unripe. They should not contain preservatives, and smoothies should be prepared at home and consumed immediately after preparation.

All you need to make natural juices at home is juice and willpower. Beetroot juice is refreshing, tonic and nourishing. It is recommended for use in cases of anemia, demineralization, severe lung diseases and even cancer, because it is a tonic, improves metabolism, increases hemoglobin content, normalizes blood pressure, and helps maintain the freshness of the skin. From 2 kg of beets you get the same amount of juice that you drink in three days. Beetroot juice, without added, can be refrigerated for up to three days.

Beetroot contains resveratrol, the most powerful antioxidant known to date, which slows and can stop the growth of cancer cells by up to 50%, stimulating the growth and regeneration of healthy cells. Eating dark fruits and vegetables that contain resveratrol lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol.

Black radish juice also contains resveratrol. It is recommended for use in cases of cough, bronchitis, influenza and viruses. Black radish contains calcium and vitamin C, radish is peeled, washed, cut into cubes and fresh juice is obtained in dates. Five to six teaspoons of radish juice daily relieves colds and coughs.

Carrot juice is recommended for use in cases of anemia, stomach diseases, diarrhea or constipation, liver diseases, poisoning, especially skin diseases. Carrots contain calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, many vitamins, provitamin A and dietary fiber. Because its taste is a bit unpleasant, for some, drink carrot juice with celery, apple or lemon juice.

Celery juice is anti-rheumatic, anti-gout, remineralizing and opens the appetite. It is recommended for use in cases of anorexia, asthenia, fatigue, convalescence, demineralization, rheumatism, lung disease, urinary tract stones and impotence. Drink half a glass of juice daily, per treatment for 15-20 days. Because celery promotes the elimination of excess water from tissues, it can also be used in slimming belts.

The fact that vegetable juices are real natural pharmacies of vitamins and minerals was also found by producers who did not remain insensitive and also launched juices on the market, such as beetroot in particular. Of course, the juices are kept fresh with preservatives. it’s your choice. But do not forget that it is only at home and you can drink really natural vegetable juice.

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