Pumpkin risotto – a delicious recipe for capricious children

Some children eat what their parents give them without any problem, others refuse everything their parents give them. Especially the healthy options. Mealtimes become very stressful, full of crying, begging, even screaming. And yet, children must be fed properly and parents must arm themselves patiently. And look for explanations for the children’s refusal. Sometimes there may be emotional causes behind refusing to eat foods prepared by parents. Or children may have various discomforts (abdominal pain, weight gain, etc.).

Child psychologists mention among the reasons why children may refuse food given by their parents that they do not spend quality time together or not enough time.

We were inspired by the book “365 meals without worries! 101 Easy Recipes for Diversification and Picky Kids,” by parenting blogger Ela Crăciun and we present to you a recipe you won’t miss at mealtime.

What ingredients are needed for the recipe for pumpkin risotto

You need rice, onions, butter, water, fresh or frozen pumpkin, tomatoes, cheddar cheese. A nonstick skillet is also useful, and a saucepan with a lid. You can also take the baby shopping, and then get involved in the cooking process.

Pumpkin risotto – a recipe for children


1 finely chopped onion
2 cubes of butter
50g basmati rice
225ml water
80g pumpkin
125g tomatoes
25g cheddar cheese

Method of preparation :
Wash, peel and chop the onion. Then sauté the onion in butter, in a non-stick pan, until the onion scales soften. Add rice and boiled water.
Simmer the ingredients for 10 minutes with the lid on.
Add the pumpkin cubes and boil until the water is absorbed, about 12 minutes.
Meanwhile, sauté the tomatoes in the butter for 2-3 minutes. Add the cheddar on top and stir until it melts. Put them on the rice, stir and turn off the heat. Enjoy your lunch!

Ela Crăciun, photographic archive
Ela Crăciun, photographic archive

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