Products from Romania vs. Outside, on supermarket shelves

Supermarkets in Romania are developing more and more products under their local brands. This is despite the fact that the law requiring supermarkets to have at least 51% of the products sold in Romania was changed in the first part of 2020. The law that stimulated the sale of local products came into effect in early 2017, but It was amended after the European Commission opened a violation procedure against Romania. According to her, the law violates the right of the consumer to choose the desired goods, but also the free movement of goods within the European Union. Although in the initial stage retailers developed only a few products under their own brand, in recent times they have become more and more numerous. In the Kaufland show we will find the products “I want from Romania”, in Lidl – “Our Chamber”, Penny launched “The Boyar Inn”, and Carrefour – “Dear Romania”.

Lidl – Our Room

“Our room emerged out of a desire to celebrate and perpetuate authentic Roman flair,” says Lidl Româmnia. The range of “Our Chamber” products includes traditional meat and cheese dishes. These include smoked pork tenderloin, pressed silane, salted onion and garlic, as well as smoked cheese, goat’s milk cheese and horizo ​​sheep’s milk cheese.

Lidl’s offering is complemented by canned beans, bean soup, jams, pickles, salami biscuits, juices and tea, all under the “Our Chamber” brand.

Kaufland – I want from Romania

Romanian products made by Kaufland are sold under the “I want from Romania” brand. According to Kaufland representatives, it is made according to original recipes and from the best quality ingredients. In the Kaufland offer you will find flour, corn, semolina, dairy products, pastries, as well as sausages and natural juices sold under the “I want from Romania” brand.

Benny – Boyar Inn

At the end of 2020, Penny relaunched her own brand “Boyar Inn” and set as a goal for the coming years that the proportion of products produced in Romania would reach 60%.

The Innul Boieresc range includes a wide variety of products, from spices to rice, flour, pasta, sausages, meat and meat products to cheese and pastries. The preserves range includes jams, preserves and zakuska. Penny’s offering also includes traditional Romanian liqueurs, such as brandy, blueberry, brandy, sour cherry or apricot.

Carrefour – Dear Romania

Carrefour has not let itself be outdone by other retailers and welcomes customers with products produced in Romania under the “Drag de România” brand. In addition, 75% of Carrefour’s brand products are manufactured in Romania, according to representatives of the retailer.

Among the products in the “Drag de România” group are: flour, sausages, meat products, fresh juices, dairy products and cheese.

What is certain is that retailers in the Romanian market are trying to offer more and more local products to customers. In addition to seasonal fruits and vegetables sold from local producers, the range of products has expanded significantly in recent years. Thus, in some supermarkets, you can even create a shopping cart containing only the necessary food items and products made in Romania.

What products are you looking for in the supermarket? Are you a fan of Romanian products to encourage local producers or prefer products made abroad?

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