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This weekend’s Freedom Square in Regen is hosting a new edition of the Local Producers’ Fair. The offer is already well known, from traditional clothing, crocheted decorative items, to handmade chocolates, ripe cheeses, honey, juices, jams, wines, natural fruit and vegetable juices, zakoska, pickles, tea plants, kürtőskalács, lavender products, and last but not least Jewelry, accessories and decorations.

winged edition

For this edition, the organizers, the Tourism Information and Promotion Center in Regen, gave the youngsters the opportunity to color and paint the shapes of eggs, and visitors to return home “winged”, thanks to a painted plaque signed by Fekete Ferenczi Blanka, a permanent presence at the fair of local producers in Regen.

“I would like to paint a large canvas on canvas with colored wings. I have thought about this work for a very long time, and I would like to do it often. I don’t know where the idea came from, that’s how I feel I should paint wings,” Blanca told us last summer in the first edition of #loveReghin DAY & NIGHT Festival.

Blanca respected the wish expressed last year, the pavilions can be seen in Freedom Square, moreover, those who cross the threshold of the gallery can be pictured with decor such as the two large and colorful pavilions signed by Blanca.

Aline Zahari

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