People tend to include juices made from fruits and vegetables in the same category. Pasteurized juices devoid of nutrients and enzymes have almost the same effect as sugar water

Terms such as well-being, health or vitality have slowly but surely made their way into everyday life and vocabulary. Concern for individual well-being and health has led to the emergence of natural juices – green, red or orange – to replace, at least in part, the commercial (and sweeter) alternatives of the big corporations. There are even those who sacrifice alcohol on this altar of goodness. What is the truth of healthy drinking and what are the myths?

“The demand for healthy drinks is growing slowly but surely in recent times and we are confident that it will continue to grow. People are becoming more aware of what healthy drinks are and they are, for example, differentiating between soft juices and natural juices. We also note that they are paying more Pay attention to what they eat and realize that a healthy diet is essential,” say the LifeBox founders. was officially launched on the market about four years ago, but designed and set up a year ago, it is a food delivery platform dedicated to people who assume a healthy lifestyle. The company was founded by Radu Bălăceanu, Florin Scarlat and Lukasz Kuzniar.

In addition to nutrients, the company’s portfolio also includes a series of color-coded juices and the superfoods they contain. Consumers can choose green, red and orange juices, as well as green juices. Entrepreneurs say that the most popular are those that have a tonic and detoxifying effect.

“Juices should be eaten separately from food as a snack between meals. Promoted under the LifeJuice name, the drinks complement the LifeBox’s daily menu with the flavor of exotic, cold-pressed juice, every day.”

These drinks are 100% natural and unpasteurized and offer the benefits of seven superfoods: wheatgrass, baobab, guarana, kale, ginseng, turmeric or spirulina. For example, ginseng juice is considered relaxing, with tonic flavors, and is prepared from apple, pineapple, lemon, ginger and pear, but also from Siberian ginseng extract. Turmeric detoxifies, contributes to healthy blood circulation and supports movement, as it is prepared from orange, carrot, lemon, mint and turmeric. Thus, each of the seven has its own characteristics and secrets. Smoothies are only available with one of LifeBox’s four menus: Optim, Vegetable, Veggie-Fish, or Sport.

“Surely we all heard in our childhood, ‘Eat fruits and vegetables.’ But as I got older, I lost my habit. However, in recent years I have noticed a growing interest in a healthier lifestyle. This interest has led to an increase in the market for fruit and vegetable juices,” she says. says Roxana Bonoroyo, who together with Anna Radu launched the natural juice brand Juiceit. The business started in 2014 with the idea of ​​being an option for people who want to eat healthy food.

“Most of the time, people tend to include juices made from fruits and vegetables in the same category. But not everything we find on the shelves can be described as ‘healthy’ or ‘natural.’ For example, pasteurized juices devoid of nutrients and enzymes have the same effect. Almost sugar water,” says Roxana. Not only are they nutritious, they are also high in glucose and promote the deposition of fats in the blood.

On the other hand, cold-pressed juices made with fresh ingredients like celery, kale, spinach, pear, lemon and ginger contain an increased amount of antioxidants, without causing an insulin spike.

“Our juices have a high vegetable content, about 70-80%, and are obtained only by cold pressing, so that the ingredients do not lose their properties.” Rich in nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body, they are filling and provide the necessary intake of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it has a short shelf life of only three days, which is an additional guarantee of its freshness.

You’ve probably seen “HPP” on juice packaging at least once, next to the “Raw” label; But have you ever wondered what that means? HPP (High Pressure Processing) is a cold form of pasteurization that helps keep juices fresher for longer, meaning they can last up to 60 days. A method that is logistically efficient and attractive to an audience who is drawn to the appearance of freshness or the term “raw”.

“We produce smoothies daily based on online orders from the freshest ingredients.”

The founders of LifeBox say there are plenty of drinks on the market that promote themselves as “healthy” and we find them on the shelves of all stores and supermarkets, but generally don’t educate consumers to be able to differentiate them from those really healthy.

On the Romanian market, formulations on such labels as: “Fresh”, “100% natural”, “without additives”, “healthy”, without a thorough examination are allowed beforehand. Thus, customers may find that store-bought, cold-stored juice that says “100% natural” large fruits and vegetables is actually juice at a 100% concentration, that is specified on the label on the back of the product, is less clear.

It is very important to know that a really healthy and fresh juice is one made from vegetables and fruits, without anything else, with a shelf life of 3-4 days and cold-pressed.

“All juices in the LifeBox offering are made with partners from Cold Pressed Juices. They are prepared using a hydraulic press imported from the USA that juices the already pureed fruits and vegetables.”

Thus, a nutritious juice full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes is extracted with minimal oxidation and without heat. For example, each 250ml bottle of juice contains about 600-700g of fresh, cold-pressed fruits and vegetables delivered daily. Because absolutely no heat is used in the juice extraction process, it’s natural and unpasteurized, and can be stored in the refrigerator for just 72 hours, without losing its flavor, color, and nutrients, say the founders of LifeBox. Smoothie recipes created with the help of a nutritionist and also a naturopath.

“A juice diet can be the first step in creating new healthy eating habits. Even the day the body receives only vegetables and fruits can help it recover from some “bad” eating habits, such as eating processed, fried or high-sugar products,” she says. Roxana de la Josette.

She adds that this well-balanced liquid diet full of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals supports the body in revitalizing its natural cleansing abilities. When we don’t eat solid foods for several days, the energy normally used for digestion (about 80%) is redirected by the body to the purifying organs: the liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin.

Moreover, by cold pressing using a hydraulic press – as with JuiceIt juices – the ingredients retain their full properties. “That’s why we don’t recommend this type of diet with juices from the supermarket or online recipes. Our programs are designed by nutritionists to provide the optimal and balanced dose of nutrients and enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables in a convenient and delicious way.” Bottles of 500ml each are designed to replace solid foods. and snacks. Each juice is obtained from one and a half kilograms of fresh vegetables and fruits – without additives, without preservatives – and most importantly – without sugar! Juiceit also has vegan menus for Plant Power, which include cold-pressed juices, salads, and soups.

“Cold-pressed juices, made with fresh fruits and vegetables, and prepared daily, are the easiest way to consume a lot of herbs, vitamins, and herbs that we don’t normally take in naturally. Therefore, the recipe must be well-balanced and well thought out,” say the LifeBox founders.

Otherwise, who eats pounds of green vegetables every day, like kale, spinach, parsley, and salad? The answer is probably no one.


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