Paul Ivănucă, son of Trifești’s mayor, Iași, builds a juice factory with European money

Paul Ivănucă, son of the mayor of Trifești, Iași, built a juice factory with European money obtained from AFIR. The interest of Iași producers to access the non-repayable funds, given for processing, was high. Producers have requested nearly half a million euros in project submissions, which will open in 2021

Paul Ivănucă, son of Alexandru Ivănucă, mayor of Trifești, from Iași, is setting up his own juice factory for €72,000. The European funds were obtained from the Agency for the Financing of Rural Investments (AFIR), at the open deposit session for Iași residents who wish to obtain funds for the processing of fruits and vegetables. The young producer says that the production of natural juices will start this year, and the main market will be in Iasi. The raw materials come from the orchard in the municipality of Triveti.

“We have an orchard on an area of ​​3.2 hectares and in order to process the fruit and make natural juices, we have obtained European funds for the equipment. The project is worth 72,000 euros, and the money was taken to purchase equipment for the processing of the fruit. We have completed the project and will soon start making juice. We still do not know what If we are only going to sell in the market in Iai. We will see what contracts we can conclude”, says Paul Ivunucci, producer from the municipality of Triveti.

Iasi residents have increased interest in accessing European funds for treatment

Another project presented by a vegetable producer from Iasi, which has not yet received European funding, belongs to the young Andrei Polescu. The man from me says that he also wanted to have the processing part so that he would not throw vegetables in the market in years of good production if he did not sell them in the market.

“I submitted the project because I want to do processing as well. More money was given to this ingredient and I wanted to take advantage of the situation. It’s good to have the focus on processing because, as vegetable growers, we can’t sell tomatoes and cucumbers all year round. We can make gravy, tomato juice and pickles. And other products that can be sold in the cold season.Why would we bring in jars of pickles from other countries if we also have years of excess production and then weed out the unsold vegetables, instead of processing them and selling them in the winter as broth, for example? I asked for 70,000 euros and had a chance To get it because I got a good grade,” says Andrei Păulescu, from Golăiești Municipality, Iași.

BZI reporters brought the story of Marius Postulac, a young man selling vegetables at the CUG Market, from the age of 13.

Paul Ivănucă, son of the mayor of Trifești, is one of the people from Iași who built a juice factory with European money

AFIR allocated European funds during several project submission sessions in 2021. One of the most reached is Sub-Action 6.1 – Installation of Young Farmers. In the previous year, the amount accessible was increased, from 40,000 to 70,000 euros, to be used for processing fruits and vegetables. Thus, the number of parties involved was high, so the European funds awarded in the open session last year were prematurely exhausted.

Projects worth 3 million euros were submitted by Yash. Most of the requests come from those who want to set up vegetable greenhouses and need European funds to build vegetable processing plants or to set up vegetable farms. One of the people from Iaşi who will invest European money in a juice factory is Paul Ivănucă, son of the mayor of Trifești.

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