Natural juices harmful to the body. Mihaela Bilic dismantles a new legend

When it comes to smoothies, it seems we are dealing with two categories. Some consider natural juices healthy, while others consider soft drinks unhealthy. Mihaela Bilic showed in her investigation that whether it is a fresh or sour drink, smoothies are alike and completely wrong.

Mihaela Bilic: Natural juices are harmful to the body

“What do we have in fresh juice? Water with fructose, that is, water with fruit sugar. What do we have in carbogazos? Beet sugar and sugar water. Here, sugar beet, that is, sucrose, is a disaccharide with one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose. Fruit fructose is Monosaccharide, just a simple molecule of fructose.From a calorie standpoint, they both have four calories per gram, so don’t be fooled that sugar makes you fatter than fructose.

All four calories per gram. Fructose has an advantage, that’s right: it is absorbed faster into the blood. However, this benefit is only good for diabetics, because fructose does not secrete insulin. From a fattening point of view, they both gain weight in the same way,” the nutritionist explained in a video posted on his Facebook account.

It is recommended to eat the fruit instead of turning it into juice

Above all, it must be borne in mind that when sugar is introduced into the body in this way, whether it is in juice or in tea, it strongly stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin. If it’s slower, with fiber, it’s healthier than the other version, in juice. However, we must not exaggerate. We should not consume kilograms of fruit or kilograms of juice, but we must include in the daily diet a few hundred grams of fruit or a few hundred milliliters of juice. It is two cups.

It is healthy to take an orange from its juice and turn it into a glass of juice, because in this way you bring body and fiber, the pulp of the fruit. You don’t lose anything and you really have a health advantage. It is recommended to eat whole fruit or juice.

When we need to have fruit juices

It is good to drink it when we have more intense physical activity. If it happens in the early part of the day, it’s okay, if it doesn’t, after dinner. However, if we do not have physical activity during the day, it is better to take it in the morning, because in this way we have many hours to transfer our energy to the top and at the same time consume it.

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