Natural juice producer Parmen from Dâmboviţa, supplier of Lidl apples, wants to bid for the “Fruits in Schools” program

Parmen company of Dâmboviţa province, which deals with the production and sale of fruit, the manufacture of natural juices and the trade of agricultural raw materials, ended 2016 with revenues of about 600,000 lei (more than 130,000 euros), a decrease of about 15% compared to the previous year.

Production of fruit and natural juices accounts for about a third of the company’s turnover, and Barmen’s business is based primarily on trading in agricultural raw materials through two of the company’s owned vegetable pharmacies, according to Barmen representatives.

“Last year, the price of fruit was very low, and apples were sold for one lei or less than one lei per kilogram, which is very little, less than the cost of production. Prices have been low for about two years, since Russia imposed a ban on fruit from the union In Europe, Poland, one of the largest producers of the fruit, began delivering it to Romania. In addition, last year farmers received less supplies because it was a year when there was less access to European money, with fewer beneficiaries. Farmers depend on this money because support It is insufficient and cannot depend on production revenues”, said ZF Viorel Cigărean, one of the two brothers associated with the company.

Barmen owns an orchard of 4.5 hectares in Văleni Dâmboviţa, Dâmbovia Province, of which four hectares are planted with apples, and the rest of the area is with plums and hairs, as well as a natural juice factory with a production capacity of about 1,000 liters per hour. In the autumn campaign, Barmen produces 20-30% of its capacity for several days, achieving a stock of about 50,000 liters of juice per year.

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