Natural fruit juice detox trap. Ramona Păun . Experience

“I’ve turned my world upside down and I don’t know what to think,” Ramona said after explaining some anatomical principles. I told him that a simple blood test after consumption would be required to see how harmful these preparations really were.

Ramona Boone: This is how they are thought to be healthy. I have a long history of theories about healthy sugars, shakes, I read a lot and in the meantime I became a natural juice eater. Cold pressed juices and I bought a juicer that does not oxidize the fruit. The nutrient intake is also higher. I read about all the vitamins and minerals to make the right combinations, but everyone is upset now.”

Ramona Boone:Everything I have read so far about homemade natural juices, everything has been good, they have a very high nutritional value, they are good for the body because you have proven all these theories and I don’t know what to do to continue these smoothies theories or stop taking them like this.”

When the fruit was invented, nature took the sugar. It’s called fructose. Dilute it in water and combine it with cellulose, a hard fiber that humans cannot digest. In this alternative: sugar and water, as well as fiber, so the fruit consumed as such is ideal:

Dr. Mihaela Bilic, Dietitian: For this reason, when we eat fruits like this, chewing them, we are not in danger as long as we do not eat in kilograms, because fructose is slowly absorbed in the body. The moment we extract pure fructose from fruit – because that means fresh – we have fructose core from 3 fruits, a cup of juice is the metabolic and calorie equivalent of a cup of beer.”

What’s Next?

Dr. Mihaela Bilic, Dietitian: “Like alcohol, fructose, whether it’s from fruit or direct fruit juice or alcohol, is very demanding, so if you want to give your liver a break, don’t eat juices, don’t eat a lot of fruit. He might say, ‘Why are you doing this to me?'” ?”

In the liver, fructose from fruit juice or sweets is converted into fat. This is how fatty liver or hepatic steatosis occurs.

Dr. Laura Ene, Diabetologist and Dietitian: “Triglycerides increase overnight. Excess triglycerides are fats that are deposited in the liver and are fats that work with cholesterol to precipitate blood vessels, stroke and myocardial infarction.”

Do not give fruit juices to children because they are healthy.

Dr. Iolanda Vivisenco, Pediatrician: “Now it is known that juices are not healthy, because they represent a large amount of sugar that passes through the body and affects the pancreas.”

On the pancreas formed usually means diabetes at an early age and a change of metabolism to obesity.

Despite its great performance, the human brain fails to count calories that come in liquid form. Fruit juice is the easiest way to gain weight.

Fresh fruit contains 6 teaspoons of sugar, just like soft drinks. 6 teaspoons of sugar equals 300 calories. I mean, sugar lunch. And you don’t have to believe us, you just have to run a quick test – a blood sugar test, to see that it will make fresh fruit.


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