Michael Jackson did not eat much. Her fridge was full of juice. “Once a month I also taste chicken, otherwise water and cereal”

Michael Jackson did not eat citrus and red meat / Photo: Facebook, Michael Jackson Official

Michael Jackson did not eat citrus and red meat / Photo: Facebook, Michael Jackson Official

There has been speculation, one way or another, about King Pop. Either he is anorexic, is vegetarian, or cannot swallow, then avoids solid food. The truth, revealed even by the superstar’s nutritionist, is one thing: Medications suppress his appetite, so Michael ate once a day or sometimes every other day. He was on a liquid diet and drank more than he ate.

At the insistence of the press, the nutritionist Michael Jackson revealed a series of secrets from the personal life of the star. Cherilyn Lee says the star’s fridge was very well portioned so he knew exactly what to eat and what not to eat. “There were a lot of little juicy jars in his fridge, showing what kind of juice was in them and why it was so good for his diet,” Sherilyn Lee said. The nutritionist says she designed such a fluid-based diet for Michael because he found foods high in calories or fat disgusting. “She didn’t like to eat, so I said, ‘Let’s see what we can do.'” So I switched to a high-protein, high-calorie beverage diet. “Michael would eat fruit cereal from time to time, and once a month, his chef Kay Chase would push him, fried chicken,” said the artist’s nutritionist.

He was eating half a jar of honey as his blood sugar went down

Cherilyn Lee says a teaspoon of honey was enough to regulate her blood sugar, but Michael used to stay with the spoon in his honey jar, and one day he’d end up eating half a jar. He did not like eating, he said he found it difficult to chew, but the consistency of honey and cream in general (whether it was cream soup or fruit and vegetable shake) pleased him. Also due to hypoglycemia, he used to drink a lot of caffeinated juices.

He hated citrus

Those who lived with Michael Jackson in the house, including the two cooks, claim that the star hated citrus fruits. He did not eat lemons or oranges. He can’t stand them in tremors either. One chef says that when an orange and other fruit were squeezed into a protein shake, Michael instantly felt and spat.

The pop giant, who died on June 25, 2009, was very weak. The autopsy of the singer confirmed: Jackson weighed only 50 kilograms, which is much less for a man whose height is 1.80 meters. It was the drugs that made Michael forget to eat. Practically, fist-taking pills and all the daily injections cut his appetite. His relatives said: “He did not eat for days, he could go without food for two days in a row.” On the day of the artist’s death, in the office of Michael’s personal physician, the American authorities found evidence that the star had been killed due to excessive drug use.

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