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Natural fruit juices, obtained from fruits that are abundant at this time of year – especially apples and pears, are the best way to enjoy a refreshing and invigorating product, without preservatives and without added sugar.

Those who want to enjoy healthy juices, with vitamins, obtained from fruits and vegetables of their own production or carefully selected producers, now have the services of an experienced producer in this field – Grande Bucovina, who recently opened a new factory. , in the city of Suceava.

The new production unit, equipped with the most modern equipment, which guarantees a very good yield, approximately 70%, when juicing fruits and vegetables, is located in Aleea Dumbrăvii no. No. 33, easily accessible through the Burdujeni district and via Itcani, on Gheorghe Doja Street, which connects these neighbourhoods.

The procedure is simple – customers come up with products from which they want to get natural juice, and the processing is carried out on a scheduled basis, right under their eyes, if they wish.

“Anyone who wants to take advantage of our services is welcome. The products are guaranteed, pasteurized, without preservatives and without added sugar. Sebastian Rotaru, Director of Grand Bukovina, explained that the juice obtained is guaranteed for a year, during which time it does not lose its properties, if it is preserved in a degree A temperature of no more than 10 degrees Celsius.

Fruits and vegetables are placed on a conveyor belt, washed with jets of pressurized water, cut and squeezed, then the juice is subjected to heat treatment, pasteurization, after which the finished product is packed into packages. Box type (suitable for packing in boxes) 3, 5 and 10 liter capacity.

The juice obtained is one hundred percent natural, without preservatives and sugar, which is why parents consider it a healthy and tasty alternative to commercial juices, especially since in addition to the classic variants, apple or pear, you can make interesting combinations with many vitamins such as apples with carrots, celery, apples with beets and carrots.

Contact details Grande Bucovina – Aleea Dumbrăvii street no. 33 Al-Bardawni district

Tel: 0746547737

Email: rotaruseba.80@gmail.com



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