Invest €20,000 in a small apple juice factory in Brasov

Marianne Drogia, 35, a young entrepreneur from Brasov, set up SaftStupina SRL-D earlier this year and was able to get non-refundable money from the state with which he set up a small factory where he produces cider.

“The idea of ​​business development was born out of an old passion in this field. It happened a long time ago, when my family realized that the market in Brasov province could be “captured” by companies that could produce natural juice at affordable prices,” says the entrepreneur, who says that Currently, his small factory provides apple juice production and pasteurization service to others. But at the end of this month, the young man hopes to start producing cider using the fruit from his own orchard. Marianne Drugia already has an apple orchard spread over one hectare, so raw materials for apple juice will be supplied from her own production. “The Roman apples are picked by hand and squeezed with the latest equipment, then the juice is pasteurized with no additives or preservatives added,” he adds.

The young man states that he wants to take cider to various neighborhood stores, but also to international chains of stores. He believes that the SRL-D project, through which those who want to develop their first business can get non-refundable funds from the state, is a good opportunity for young people who want to do their own business.

“The SRL-D project is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs, who have access to non-repayable funds of up to 10,000 euros. More and more young people see this in SRL-D as an opportunity to realize their dreams and develop a family business with the help of non-refundable funds” , says Marianne Dragia.

The number of SRL-D startups has reached about 15,600, and young people from Cluj, Bucharest and Timis are the most eager to become entrepreneurs. More than 600 SRL-D companies have been established in Braشوفov Province since 2011.

The young man, who invested about 20 thousand euros in this business from non-refundable funds from the state and his own sources, chose apple juice because he believed that it could help change consumers’ behavior towards natural products over time. “Our vision is to change our behavior over time from consuming unhealthy products that are high in preservatives and additives, primarily due to lack of time, information and access to responsible behaviour.”

More and more cider on the shelves

In recent years, more and more domestic producers have relied on the production of apple juice, so the store shelves have been “invaded” by products such as Ana are, Alma or Fresh apple from Iţeşti that are fighting with well-known brands such as Santal or Pvanir. One of the Romanian entrepreneurs who relied on the production of natural juices, including apples, is Daniel Gozo, who also owns the Durazev building materials factory.

He owns about 100 hectares of orchards and produces apples, pears, grapes and other fruit juices, as well as jam under the Anna brand. The brand created by him, which is produced in Sivaste (province of Francia), is sold in international chains such as Auchan, Cora, Carrefour and Cora, but also in many local chains.

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