I want from Romania: what Romanian products, according to recipes like at home, you can find in Kaufland (P)

“What are we eating today?” Today’s question for all of us. The answer, often, is: something good, something like home, something simple, but delicious, and most importantly, made with love.

The traditional, simple but delicious dishes, made from local produce, are once again a favorite of Romanians. Each of these Roman products contains a story about our childhood, our grandparents’ holidays, or food packages from our school years.

With its own brand “I want from Romania”, Kaufland helps us stay in touch with tradition and good taste.. More than 150 Romanian products I want from Romania prepared according to original recipes and from the finest ingredients. Whether we are talking about dairy products, pastries, flour, corn, semolina, sausages and natural juices, all of these products can be found in the I want from Romania range.

Spicy rustic, pork loin and dried raw neck muscle are just some of the hearty Romanian meat dishes from the Kaufland Show.

And for desserts like my mother’s house, in Kaufland you can find the basic ingredients from Romanian producers: flour for thin cakes or homemade crunchy Romanian bread; Cornmeal for golden polenta or fine semolina for delicious dumplings.

And for everything to be as Roman as possible, including the packaging and the story. First released in 2017, the “I Want From Romania” collection received a new image earlier this year. As an inspiration, she was the local taste and tradition, from home, back to childhood. Artist Monica Getescu captured all these aspects, in the image of the Flower of Life, a metaphor for energy, vitality and immortality, which appears on the product packaging of the Vreau Group in Romania. Against a background painted in watercolor, the Flower of Life reminds us of the uniqueness and authenticity of the traditions, memories and values ​​that connect each of us to Romania.

The recipes are classic, traditional and contain the best quality ingredients, and are monitored regularly, ensuring the quality of the Kaufland brands. Products are only available in Kaufland stores in Romania.

Discover the full range in Kaufland stores and on the website: kaufland.ro/vreau-din-românia.

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