Fruit juices are unhealthy. It attacks the liver like beer

The same aggressiveness of beer alcohol to the liver is manifested in juices. In children, the danger is great!

When the fruit was invented, Mother Nature also used sugar. fructose to be exact. Which was diluted in water and combined with cellulose – a strong fiber, which is impossible for humans to differentiate. In this form, the fruits are perfect!

Dr. Mihaela Bilic, Dietitian: That is why, when we eat the fruit in this way, chew it, we do not have any danger, as long as we do not eat in kilograms, because fructose is slowly absorbed in the body.

The moment we extract pure fructose from fruit because it means fresh, we get fructose essence from 3 fruits. A glass of juice is the metabolic and calorie equivalent of a glass of beer.

What’s Next?

Like alcohol, fructose, whether it’s fruit juice straight from fruit or alcohol, requires a lot of liver, so if you want to give it a break, don’t consume juices, and don’t consume a lot of fruit. If he could speak, the liver would say, “Why are you doing this to me?”

In the liver, fructose from fruit juice or sweets is converted into fat. Thus, fatty liver appears – hepatic steatosis. Do not give fruit juice to children on the grounds that they are healthy. I’m not!

Dr. Iolanda Vivisenco, Pediatrician: It is now known that juices are not healthy because they represent a large amount of sugar that passes through the body and affects the pancreas.

On the developing pancreas, the habit means diabetes at a young age and a change in metabolism to obesity. In the early years, too, excess sweets go directly into the blood vessels. I’m a precursor to atherosclerosis.

The fruits are excellent during the day, they become harmful once eaten in the evening.

Dr. Laura Ene, Diabetic and Dietitian: Our triglycerides increase overnight. Excess triglycerides are fats deposited in the liver and are fats that work with cholesterol to deposit in the blood vessels, turning into non-alcoholic steatohepatitis but also at risk of stroke and heart attack!


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