Dozens of pavilions erected in the “Artisan Square,” in Spring Park are at the Village Museum. What products will they offer?

Bunny will be able to fill his backpack with unique products made by the creative community in the western part of the country. He can do so at the “Artisan Square”, in Spring Park, where he will meet dozens of exhibitors.

Visitors arriving at the Banat Village Museum on April 15 will be greeted by designers, artisans, artisans and producers from the western part of the country and beyond. There are four areas of interest: Design – where you’ll find clothing and jewelry made by designers and creators of beauty, Handmade – with handmade decorative objects and accessories, Natural – with health care products, honey and other herbal preparations using only natural and gourmet ingredients – where visitors can enjoy local pasta Homemade, raw vegan desserts, natural juices and more.

Craftsmen interested in opening a pavilion within the Spring Park can contact the organizers at the email address, until April 8, among places available.

At least 40 exhibitor pavilions will be set up in the arena.

In addition to the actual activity, there will be presentations, workshops, demos and other engaging elements.

Timi County Council is preparing Spring Park, a large event designed to be the largest multicultural festival in the region and presented to the public as a special contribution to Timioara, the European Capital of Culture.

The first edition of Spring Park will begin on April 15, with free and open admission to all of the family’s cultural, leisure and entertainment activities.


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