Do you eat an apple every day? If you stick to your teeth, stop!

Researchers say Unsplash/Apple is as acidic as soft drinks and can damage enamel

Researchers say Unsplash/Apple is as acidic as soft drinks and can damage enamel

The cheapest and healthiest fruit? The apple, of course. or not? Your teeth may suffer if you don’t do this after eating an apple!

Apples have such a high acidity that they are four times more harmful than soft drinks. It may seem like an aberration for UK scientists. But this is not so, according to Romanian dentists. Unfortunately, apples increase the incidence of cavities and attack tooth enamel. The high sugar content and its high acidity make this fruit a danger to our teeth: like sweets and soft drinks. Nobody’s saying we shouldn’t eat apples anymore, but it wouldn’t hurt to eat them in moderation or make sure they’re as natural as possible. Otherwise, the identical Latin name for apple and evil (lat. Malus) risks making sense to our teeth. If you want to avoid “damage,” you need to adjust the pH with water or dairy products.

Studies confirm that apples spoil the teeth. It’s worse than soft drinks

Due to its ability to clean and whiten teeth, apples do not appear to be on the list of foods that are good for teeth. This is the conclusion of scientists at King’s College London Dental Institute, who claim that people who eat apples are at risk of destroying their teeth four times faster than if they drank sodas that are high in sugar. .

Wine and beer attack enamel, as shown in the same report

The list of foods that destroy teeth also includes wine and beer. Researchers say that these drinks can not only lead to the appearance of stains on the teeth, but also to the destruction of tooth enamel. “Dentists advise eating an apple, because it helps you brush your teeth when you can’t brush your teeth. In fact, the acid in this fruit damages the structure of the teeth. Apples have the same effect as soft drinks, which leads to tooth decay,” said Professor David Bartlett, author of the research. Erosion of enamel, except that in the case of fruit the acid is much stronger.

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