Delicious protein breakfast recipe

“It’s morning and morning. The ones where I wake up full of energy at 6 a.m. and the ones where I better stay in bed until 9 a.m., when nothing suits me and you probably wouldn’t want to. to drink your coffee with me. It’s called adrenal fatigue,” he says. yoga teacher Desirée Halaseh from Bali. Here is a protein breakfast idea that helps you have energy at noon.

“I have lived in a constant state of fatigue since adolescence. It seemed normal to say that I was fine even though my eyes were closing until late in the evening when I suddenly had a burst of energy which I was very proud and that I called it the most beautiful moment of the day but that easily devoured me good hours of sleep”. In addition to exercise, yoga, walking, fun activities, the yoga teacher Desirée Halaseh also recommends a balanced diet, here is a protein breakfast idea.

Protein breakfast, which gives you energy until lunch – recipe

2 bananas
a slice of papaya
1 cup frozen berries
2 slices of ginger
raw cocoa & cardamom
almonds and pumpkin seeds
1 tablespoon inactive dried yeast flakes (contains vitamin B, magnesium and zinc complex – ideal for vegans)

Method of preparation : All ingredients are mixed and consumed immediately.

What is inactive yeast?

Anyone familiar with the raw vegan lifestyle has also heard of inactive yeast. This product can be found in health food stores and is valued for the group of B vitamins, amino acids and minerals it contains.

In general, inactive yeast flakes are used to improve the nutritional value and taste of foods, having a cheesy flavor (see parmesan flavor). It can also be used as a binder (egg substitute).

The desire to have and only what is ultra clean and nutritionally valuable to consume!

Désirée Halaseh, photo archive
Desirée Halaseh, yoga teacher in Bali, photo archive

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