Craftsmen, artists and designers in the garden’s artisan yard

Timisoara. Unique products made by the creative community in the west of the country can be purchased at the artisan market, which will open in Spring Park at the Banat Village Museum in Timisoara.

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Craftsmen interested in opening a pavilion in Spring Park can contact the organizers via email [email protected]until April 8, within available seats.

At least 40 exhibitor pavilions will be set up in the arena. In addition to the actual activity, there will be specific moments that will include presentations, workshops, demos, and other engaging elements.

Visitors will be welcomed by designers, artisans, artisans and producers from the western part of the country and beyond. There are four areas of interest: Design – where you’ll find clothing and jewelry made by designers and creators of beauty, Handmade – with handmade decorative objects and accessories, Natural – with health care products, honey and other herbal preparations using only natural and gourmet ingredients – where visitors can enjoy pasta Homemade, raw vegan desserts, natural juices and more.

The Timis County Council is preparing the Spring Garden in the Banat Village Museum in Timisoara. The first edition will begin on April 15, with free and open access to all the family’s cultural, leisure and entertainment activities.

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