Coffee is no longer just a liqueur that gives us a boost of energy in the morning. In combination with natural juices, alcoholic beverages, milk or honey, coffee can be taken even in the late evening. Here are some recipes

Coffee is no longer just a liqueur that gives us a boost of energy in the morning, it’s the main ingredient in a lot of blends that finally get us back in the water streak any time of the day. In combination with natural juices, alcoholic beverages, milk or honey, coffee can certainly be had even in the late evening.

Now that it’s summertime and the temperature on thermometers is barely in negative territory, it’s hard to keep our imagination in check, which sends us straight to a seaside balcony, with friends and glasses full of mix to quench our thirst after a day in the sweltering heat. But since we’ll have to wait a bit to feel our feet burning on the soft sand by the sea, it wouldn’t be bad to think what to fill those mugs with.

That is, if you do not steal the start and go to places where summer has already arrived. However, if you are waiting like summer to spend more time on the local stands, we offer you some recipes for coffee cocktails, this versatile alcoholic drink, which can be taken in several blends at any time of the day.

“On hot days, ice cream recipes are definitely a favourite. Of course, we must also take into account the time of day and occasion of consumption. At Nespresso every year we launch limited editions of coffee specially designed to be enjoyed in very easy-to-prepare recipes, in three steps: Coffee, water and ice or coffee, milk and ice. Assortments from the permanent collection of ice cocktails can also be used in tandem with ingredients that amplify or complement the predominant aromatic components of the selected coffee”, say the Romanian representatives of the luxury brand Nespresso. The Swiss brand debuted locally in 2015, when it opened a store in Calea Dorobanţilor, an artery in which many luxury brands are located. Subsequently, Nespresso expanded and opened stores in Băneasa Shopping City and AFI Cotroceni.

In recent years, coffee has become the alcoholic drink that accompanies Romanians in social “sessions” and is the main ingredient not only for successful mornings, but also for lively evenings. But who would have thought a thousand years ago, when coffee began to spread around the world, that this liqueur could calm even the burning taste of drinks with an alcohol concentration of 40%?

Irish coffee, which contains coffee, whiskey, brown sugar and whipped cream, is one of the most famous coffee and alcohol blends and is the classic example proving that this alcoholic drink known on all continents can be used in many combinations for any taste.

“Coffee in general balances the recipes in which it is integrated. It depends a lot on the drinks associated with it in that recipe or cocktail. For example, not all alcoholic beverages have a perfect result with coffee. Well-chosen coffee, along with fruit juices and alcohol can To create an energy drink, suitable for a Saturday night or vice versa, and can make a very relaxing drink, along with milk and sweet notes, Nespresso representatives said.They explain that the aromatic notes of coffee can be harmoniously intertwined with different ingredients only after careful selection of them.

Thus, Alin Dorobanţu, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, recommends a Grapefruit Cappuccino in the morning, a recipe that combines all the ingredients found at breakfast such as honey, milk, grapefruit, and the Vivalto Lungo coffee assortment. For lunch, he recommends the Merveille de la Nature, a very refreshing cocktail with ice, a bit of mint, cranberry juice, lemon, cherry syrup and the Ristretto assortment, which harmoniously balances acidity, sweetness and the intense taste of the mixture. And at dinner, the coffee ambassador relies on Pink & Sparkling, a cocktail of coffee and alcohol.

“It’s a reinterpreted gin and tonic, more refreshing, full of vibrancy, highlighted by Master Origin Colombia’s lineup, which fits perfectly in the finish, blended with grapefruit syrup, tonic water and gin in an ultra-fine blend. In the case of this recipe, you can also Opt for the alcohol-free version, since gin is omitted from the equation,” says Allen Dorobano.

However, coffee brewed with cold water (cold brew) can be mixed well with ginger beer, as recommended by representatives of the brand Julius Meinl. In addition, coffee can be combined with amaretto, brandy, or various types of alcoholic beverages such as hazelnut.

Thus, the elixir of unlimited energy in the morning, coffee has become a drink that can be taken at any time of the day not only in its classic forms

Espresso or latte. We start not only with coffee in the morning, but also in the evening, the options are as endless as in the alcoholic cocktails. In the end, only the flavor matters.

nature wonder

the components:

5 slices of lemon

5 mint leaves

15 ml cherry syrup

80 ml of cranberry juice

1 capsule Grand Cru Ristretto Decavinato/Ristretto

mint twig

to prepare:

Slice a lemon and put the slices in a glass. Add mint leaves and 15 ml of cherry syrup, then mix.

Put crushed ice up to about 2 cm from the edge of the glass (if you want an alcoholic version, you can pour 40 ml of Absolut Raspberry Vodka now), then add cranberry juice.

Pour Grand Cru Ristretto Decavinato or Ristretto over 2 ice cubes. Let the ice cubes melt.

Once cool, pour the Grand Cru into the Aeroccino and set the cool foam function.

Grapefruit cappuccino

the components:

1 capsule Grand Cru Voloto / Vialto Longo

10 ml of grapefruit juice

1 tablespoon honey

1 sprig of rosemary


to prepare:

Pour the grapefruit juice and honey into the glass.

Make an espresso (40ml) using a Volluto or Vivalto Lungo capsule in a cappuccino cup. Pour the milk into the Aeroccino milk frother. Prepare the milk froth and add it over the espresso.

Decorate it with a rosemary sprig.

Pink and sparkle

the components:

1 capsule Master Origin Colombia / Grand Cru Rosabaya de Colombia

10ml Monin pink grapefruit syrup

120 ml Schweppes Tonic

1 kumquat

to prepare:

Pour pink grapefruit syrup into a large, cold glass, then fill 3 quarts with crushed ice. Add Schweppes tonic until contents are about 2 inches from the mouth of the beaker. Prepare Master Origin Colombia or Grand Cru Rosabaya de Colombia and add 2 ice cubes. Wait until the ice cubes melt. Once cool, pour the contents into the Aeroccino and set the cool foam function. Then carefully add to the glass. Gin can also be added as an option.


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