Cluj Day | Local producer “Savori Ardelenești” opened a location in Iulius Mall Cluj, through the “Go Local” program

IULIUS continues the Go Local program, which supports local entrepreneurs and producers and offers them tangible solutions for development, thus promoting local products, thus supporting the local economy.

“Savori Ardelenești” is the second domestic company, which opened a location in Iulius Mall Cluj, after “Ferma de Păpuşi” at the end of last year joined the existing mix of brands. The program included more than 170 entrepreneurs from the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara and Suceava.

IULIUS continues to support independent business and entrepreneurship through the Go Local programme. Thus, in Iulius Mall Cluj opened the second domestic business of this type – “Savori Ardelenești”, which collects in the pavilion, in addition to its own production of 100% natural juices, other small producers of the Cluj region. Here you’ll find apples, berries from local farms, dried fruits, handmade pasta, organic lavender products, juices, jams, zakuska, martisauers, and handicrafts, but the list goes on. We believe in collaboration and believe that only by letting other adults have the opportunity to grow a little bit more, so we introduce to our platform other business products that we believe in, such as: «Dried Stuff», «Mountain Garden», «Eys Prod», «Rigo» and “Gemelini”, “Kepes Antal”, “Delicium”, “Lavanda di Maria”, “Bere a la Cluj”, “Pasta Pedroni” and others, said entrepreneur Anca Feneșan. The “Savori Ardelenești” platform is waiting for its customers in the Auchan district of Iulius Mall Cluj.

Anka and her husband were introduced to the “soul of the little producer” since childhood. Anca’s parents planted strawberries and planted a small orchard of apples, peaches and peaches in the land of Oaș, and her parents-in-law have been producing vegetables and fruits for more than 40 years in Korniti, which they sell in Cluj markets. the time. “The idea of ​​producing natural juices came back to my husband, and it came about after a meeting he had with a Romanian businessman based in Germany who runs an organic production project in the country. I knew the sacrifices were great and I felt that it would not be easy to run the production business, but when you work hard and put your soul into it Dreams can come true,” Anka adds.

Through the Go Local program, IULIUS offers small business owners temporary rent or discount waivers, consultancy, flexibility during the contract, and encourages them to reinvent themselves by promoting and expanding their businesses in the group’s malls, so that their products are within easy reach of customers. “We consider this program a real support for local businesses and an important step for us. We want our work to bear fruit and we are happy to be even closer to our customers in Cluj-Napoca,” says Anka.

Registrations are continuing for the Go Local programme, and interested local entrepreneurs can find out more details by accessing:

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