Chef Sorin Bontea’s recipe for eggs with spinach. How easy to prepare

Eggs provide complete protein to the body and are very filling. Spinach is a food rich in iron, which protects us from anemia and provides us with large amounts of vitamin A, vitamin K and folate.

No wonder, then, that many consider the combination of the two very good for a breakfast that provides us with energy and minerals for the whole day.

In his recipe, chef Sorin Bontea uses frozen spinach, onion, garlic, oil, salt and pepper. Separately, for the sauce – 4 egg yolks, a bag of clarified butter, water, vinegar. Finally, 4 more eggs.

To sauté the spinach, in a skillet with hot oil, add the onion, garlic and spinach, let sauté and season with salt and pepper.

Chef Sorin Bontea’s tips for an à la carte Hollandaise sauce

While the spinach is being made, the chef at Chefs à Couteaux prepares a hollandaise sauce, for which he uses 4 egg yolks to which he adds a little vinegar and a little water. Beat well, add the powdered salt and wait for the mixture to foam. Put it in a double boiler and keep stirring until the yolk starts to bind, to be creamy. Gradually add the hot butter and beat with a whisk.

The remaining butter is added to the spinach, along with a little grated parmesan and a little more pepper. Then,

For the poached eggs, Chef Bontea boiled 1 liter of water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a little salt. When the water boils, add the eggs and cook for about 3 minutes.

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