Carmen Bruma’s recipe for a tasty and balanced breakfast. Perfect for Christmas Lent »

Carmen Bruma offered a new fasting recipe for a tasty and balanced breakfast. On Monday, November 15, Christmas Lent began and now is the perfect time to try out different food combinations.

The companion of Mircea Badea is proud of her impeccable figure at 44 years old. The star often offers tips and recipes for those who want to have a healthy life.

Carmen Bruma’s recipe for a tasty and balanced breakfast

Carmen Bruma is appreciated for her look at 44, but also for the recipes and programs she offers to those who want to maintain their figure and live a healthy life.

The Christmas fast started a few days ago and can be a real challenge. It is important that the body receives the nutrients it needs during fasting.

Carmen Bruma posted on social media the perfect recipe for the first and most important meal of the day. Here’s what you need to prepare at home.

He is “A variant that combines vegetable sources so that you have all the essential amino acids and at the same time have a high degree of satiety and satisfactionsays Carmen Bruma in her video.

For Carmen Bruma’s breakfast recipe, you first need a stick, preferably made from wholemeal flour. You also need hummus with pumpkin seeds, inactive yeast flakes and a few slices of bell pepper.

Grease the stick with pumpkin seed humus paste over the entire surface. Then pour in the inactive yeast flakes, and at the end add the pepper slices.

The glue is rolled and consumed immediately. Enjoy your lunch!

A while ago, Carmen Bruma revealed that she had been the same weight for over two decades. The star also has a son, but the pregnancy hasn’t affected her body pulled through the ring at all.

Mircea Badea’s life companion is passionate about sports and healthy eating, which he promotes intensely. The star has written several books and offers various online programs that help people lose weight in a healthy way.

“I like to say that I am at the head of the gallery of people who need moral and informational support when they are fighting against extra pounds. Professionally, I like most everything I have done so far”, Carmen Bruma said a while ago, she notes

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