Carmen Bruma, simple and healthy recipes for capricious children

Children are picky about food, especially when it comes to cheese or vegetables, especially for breakfast or snacks.

Carmen Bruma offers a solution for moms looking for quick and healthy cooking ideas.

Recipe for cheese muffins for picky kids


– 250 grams of soft cheese

– two eggs

– three tablespoons of coconut flour (any flour works)

– raw sugar (I put three tablespoons) or sweetener to taste

– vanilla sugar, vanilla essence and lemon to taste

– a teaspoon of peanut butter (works and without)

– half a teaspoon of baking powder

decoration according to taste (cranberries, chocolate shavings, etc.)”, this is the recipe offered by Carmen Bruma on Instagram.

“Juices or smoothies are one way to ensure that fresh vegetables are part of children’s daily menu. You can also add a fruit to ensure success,” Carmen Bruma says on her blog.


-2 large carrots (250g)

– 50 g red beets

– 1 apple (100g)

– 1 red pepper (50g)

– a small garden cucumber (70 g) that you partially clean

Method of preparation :

Wash the ingredients, clean the beets and carrots and place them in the juicer one at a time. Drink the juice immediately after cooking, as a snack between meals.

But beware, fruit and vegetable juices are given to children in moderation and should not replace portions of fresh vegetables and fruit in solid form. If you have juice left, you can drink it with confidence, it energizes and does not make you fat,” explains Carmen Bruma.

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