Cappy, Tymbark and Giusto are the leaders

Sales of fruit-based non-carbonated drinks in stores totaled 270 million liters, or roughly 14 liters per capita, according to Euromonitor data.

The juice market is dominated by foreign brands, a category that includes fruit-based non-carbonated soft drinks, those made with 100% fruit and nectar, and only two Romanian brands have managed to take a place in the top ten sales.

Thus, Giusto brands, produced by Romaqua Group, and Fruttia, produced by European Drinks, are the only Romanian brands at the top, according to a ZF analysis based on data from the research firm Euromonitor. Above are two international brands produced in Romania, but also imported brands such as Happy Day from Rauch or Pfanner, sold by Cyrom Romania. Instead, the market leader is Cappy, a brand produced by Coca-Cola HBC, the largest player in the soft drink market.

Cappy’s share of the retail market was more than 15% in 2018, according to Euromonitor. Cappy is Coca-Cola giant HBC’s main bet in the juice market, given that with its Cappy Pulpy, Cappy Plus and Lemonade by Cappy brand extensions, it’s earned the best shelf position in this category.

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