Avocado and parmesan pasta, creamy and delicious

Quick avocado pasta recipe

It is a recipe in which you can use both pasta and macaroni, and to vary the taste even more, we recommend a mixture of pasta, such as spinach, lentils, or even rice pasta, etc

For the preparation of the recipe, we recommend a well-cooked avocado, but also the use of fresh basil leaves.

Recipe for pasta with avocado and parmesan: the necessary ingredients

To prepare this recipe we will need:

  • A handful of pasta;
  • 1 cat avocado for consumption;
  • 2 cloves garlic;
  • 3 sun-dried tomatoes;
  • 2-3 basil leaves;
  • half an onion;
  • A teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • Half a bunch of parsley;
  • Salt;
  • Parmesan cheese;
  • A tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil;

How to make pasta with avocado and parmesan?

First, we take care of the pasta. Bring the water to a boil, and when it boils, add the pasta and boil for 10-15 minutes (until tender).

In a blender, put the cleaned avocado and the rest of the ingredients (except the parmesan), as well as a little salt. The pasta “sauce” is ready when you have obtained a creamy and thin composition.

When the pasta has boiled, drain well, then add the sauce and stir gently until smooth. Sprinkle with parmesan and the dish is ready.

Enjoy your lunch!

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