Annamaria Prodin, in a dress formed at a leather event. The housekeeper highlighted her hard-earned personality

Annamaria Prodan seems to be doing very well, even though she is in the midst of a divorce scandal with Laurențiu Reghecampf. Empresario showed a wide smile and an enviable personality at a party that day.

Wearing a long, floor-length dress that she matched with a cropped jacket, Annamaria showed that the figure she’s got with great effort is maintained. The 49-year-old businesswoman attended an event where she was honored for football results, a moment she considered perfect for showing off a stylish outfit.

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The all-black outfit is shaped at the waist and accentuates its shapes. She chose to hold her hair in a bun and adorn her entire outfit with a huge shiny necklace that she wears at the base of her neck.

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Annamaria Proudan lost 17 kilos

Although she now looks very good, the designer did not always have this typical look. A few years ago, Annamaria Prodan lost 17 kilograms, then managed to maintain her intensity. The star revealed on a show what she does when you need to lose a few pounds fast.

“If I want something, there is nothing in my way! It is a diet in which all the great athletes lose weight. I did not eat anything solid, only juices. It is not difficult, because this is what the body needs. Vitamins. The skin was cleansed and I lost a lot of weight. I drank Spinach juices mixed with kale, ginger and orange with natural juices. I drank two liters of juice, and recently I haven’t even been able to drink it all. I can drink a liter a day. And water, a lot of water. I kept juice in my hand all the time. If I stopped somewhere, I was I’ll put it in the fridge.Happy Annamaria Prodan.

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