Anca Alungulesei launches the first book on natural juices in Romania, entitled “Health by Glass”

“Health at the Glass. A practical guide to introducing natural juices into your daily diet. Step by step” It will help all those who value health and strive to improve it every day, to understand the benefits that natural juices bring to the body, but also how they can be introduced as naturally as possible into the diet.

“This book was born out of my desire to give everyone a practical guide with which I can introduce juices into my daily diet. Realizing how important natural juice, squeezing it cold, we know, in fact, that this is a great way to move from the state of the body to its well-being”, The author of the book “Health by Glass” says in the introduction to her book.
Anca Alungulesei states from the beginning of this volume that this practical guide is not only for people who eat raw food or vegetarianism, but for all those who want to improve the quality of their lifestyle: “Regardless of whether a person eats healthy food or eats a lot of meat, juices are the best way to include as many vegetables and fruits as possible in the daily diet.”

“Health at the Glass. A practical guide to incorporating natural juices into your daily diet. Step by step is not an appeal for a calorie or animal food, but rather aims to provide every reader with the information they need to understand that health, good tone, energy and good mood are within everyone’s reach.” Vegetable and fruit juices we can renew. We can rebuild. We can extend the life of the cell. We can live longer and better.” says Anca Alungulesei.

Anca Alungulesei in the first part of the book describes how the internal mechanisms of the body work, from the moment you eat food until you get rid of it and the effect of natural juices on these mechanisms. Through a well-documented presentation, each reader learns the secrets of the operation of this perfect machine, the human body, and understands why cold-pressed natural juices are considered the “smart food”.

In the second part of the book, the author presents readers with 40 recipes for vegetable and fruit juices, in different proportions, which can satisfy all tastes, but can also serve as natural remedies for many diseases. Each recipe is accompanied by the benefits of fruits and vegetables in its composition but also a suggestion to serve each smoothie. In addition, a recipe chapter has been organized as a step-by-step guide to introducing vegetable and fruit juices. In the first part, the recipes contain more fruit and less vegetables and are designed specifically for the general “newbie”, who are not usually creative with natural juices, but as we get older and get used to the taste, the recipes are designed for the “advanced” consumer who Now you are ready to consume juices that contain a higher proportion of vegetables and greens than fruits.

“I like to say this is a book for both the living room or the office and the kitchen.” Anca Alungulesei also says about “Health by the Glass”, a book that can be purchased at bookstores, newsstands and magazines and from

At the beginning of 2014, Anca Alungulesei and her husband founded RawCoco – the first raw vegan dessert café in Romania. From “health by the glass” or on the plate.

Anca Alungulesei has also created the delightful and inspiring online cooking series “Mademoiselle Coco”, launched on Youtube where she prepares healthy and vitamin-packed recipes, along with special guest, several celebrities from Romania present in the RawCoco kitchen. Last but not least, she organizes monthly RawCoco workshops.

More on Anca Alungulesei’s recipes and menus can be found on YouTube at RawCoco Raw Vegan Confectionery-Teahouse (

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