A young student created a unique business in the center of Iai. Selling Trumpet Sarmal. People broke into his shop

Unprecedented work in the center of Iasi. A young student had been selling sarmel in a trumpet for some time, a business that began to spread among the residents of Iash. Emilian Popa decided to open a unique business with natural products in the city center, among pies, cakes and pickles. The new concept is increasingly in demand in the city

A new business concept has appeared in Yash. It all started with the idea that a young man from Yash thought about applying in his hometown. Emilian Popa learned what it means to run a business from her college benches. The pancake business, specifically the “royal pancakes,” began four years ago. Recently, on February 21, 2021, he received non-refundable funding, through the “Start Up Nation” program, in the amount of 40,000 euros, an amount that helped him open the “Emilio Chocolaterie” chocolate shop. But it didn’t stop there. A week ago, he started selling a less popular product in this type of store. It’s about sarmel, not any kind of sarmel, but just the trumpet. Another business he started through “Start Up Nation” belongs to a family that sells natural juices.

How did Gourna sarmales appear in the center of Iasi?

Initially, the idea for sarmale con cornet came from a company from Vaslui province that sold the product in an ordinary ice cream cone. On the other hand, an ice cream cone, in the view of Emilian Popa, was not quite suitable for such a traditional dish. He invested and bought a bread funnel production line to put sand in it.

“The edible croissants are soaked in sarmel sauce and become the perfect garnish,” said Emilian Popa.

Sarmaleli is prepared by housewives according to an authentic recipe, made with pork, beef or pork and beef mixture, but they also have vegetarian sarmaleli for those who do not eat meat or do not fast. The store is located behind the Central Hall in Iasi.
All products needed to prepare sarmales are natural and purchased from local producers or from city markets.

“We are working with licensed local producers of meat and vegetables, we are trying to help them,” said the owner of the shop in the center of Iasi.

The only product used in sarmale that does not come from Iași, but from Botoșani, is sour cream. According to Emilian Popa, the cream is very important, because it must be greasy, it must be liquid, and it must flow over the saramel.

Mayor Mihai Chirika turned to the youth business of Yash

In addition to sarmale, the store manager also boasts of “zărbușca”, which is a vegetarian soup, but in which cow or lamb whey is used instead of water.

“Here at Cinci Sarmale we only use beef whey, because not everyone eats sheep whey because of the smell,” said the young man from Yash.

Moldovan pancakes are also of several types. Depending on the season, we make pancakes with meat, mushrooms, tilaemia cheese, sweet cheese, cabbage, cherries, apples and other seasonal fruits. The pancake business began in Moldova four years ago, more precisely in 2017. Later, on February 21, 2021, the official decided to open a pastry shop, but due to strong competition in the market, he abandoned the idea and focused only on one product and strawberries wrapped in chocolate. It was not a bad decision, because the strawberry business “Emilio Chocolaterie” was a success, which was sought after by the mayor of Iai, for whom they prepared a cake consisting of strawberries wrapped in chocolate. Another business started recently in Iai by a young entrepreneur related to the delivery of organic food to large companies in Iai and beyond.

Work can be extended around Yash

The young businessman also said that he wants to expand into the city’s neighborhoods with his business.

“We want to open small points in every neighborhood in Iaşi, but first we put a small brand and see the interest of customers,” said Emilien Popa.

This plan is not far-fetched, because the customers are sufficient and show a special interest in their latest products, which also gives the store’s current name “Cinci sarmale”. Customers come and buy sarmale from the cone because, they say, they are tired of pizza and shawarma, prefer something more traditional, and if they fail to make it to the store, their representatives also deliver the orders home. In the store you can also find other natural products from various local producers, such as: wine, sea buckthorn syrup, 100% natural apple juice, tea, tinctures and creams.

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