A former police officer who produces natural juices in Câmpulung Muscel and sells them in the Cora . network

600,000 is an investment in the Profuctta Factory of Câmpulung Muscel, Argeş . Province

Marius Micorescu started working in 1995 as a Bucharest police officer, but after five years he started his entrepreneurial career with a debt collection company.

About two years ago, he decided to bet on a new business, a company that produces 100% natural juices from Câmpulung Muscel and vegetable and fruit bottles under the Profuctta brand. The next step of the entrepreneur is the launch of new products, namely dried fruits and vegetables, jams and natural jams.

In 2010 he was vacationing in the south of France and spent two nights in a hotel that served him and his wife only natural juices and bottled jam.

“We simply learned about it at the time. Then we said to ourselves: We are from Câmpulung Muscel, an area famous for apples and berries. Why not launch such a product?”

Marius Micorescu graduated in 1994 from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, and began working as a Bucharest police officer a year later.

“As an entrepreneur, I started in 2000 with Millennium Services Securities, a debt collection company. My passion for good work led me to open Motor Assistance in August 2005, Millennium Assistance, available to both legal and natural persons.”

In 2013, it attacked a new segment, namely natural juices, and launched a third company on the market – Premium Fruct. According to data provided by Premium Fruct to the Ministry of Finance, the turnover last year – the first full year of operation – was 13,500 lei. The company employed 3 employees and losses exceeded 400,000 lei. “The company took credit, so in the early years we’d be at a loss.”

Company officials do not provide business estimates for this year. “We have a factory in Câmpulung Muscel, Argeş province, we invested 600,000 euros in it and we can produce 2-3 tons of juice per day. Fruits and vegetables are bought from local producers or from neighboring provinces.” It does not specify the amount of production capacity used by the plant.

The company’s products are currently in Cora supermarkets, and businessman Marius Măcărescu says the next network on the list is Auchan. “Currently we are distributing apple juice in a 3-liter bag in a can at the price of 16 lei. From autumn, we will have fruit and vegetable juices in a glass bottle and in a 2-liter packed bag, made of apples, pears, cherries, raspberries, beets, carrots and celery.”

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