6 delicious egg dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert

If we had to choose a versatile food to help us prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, we would answer “eggs”. They’re inexpensive and great for any dish, plus they’re high in protein, fat, and essential vitamins and minerals. Here are six recipes to inspire you in which you can use eggs.

Carbonara pasta with asparagus

Pasta carbonara is easy to prepare and is known for its delicious egg-based sauce. In this case, to bring a touch of color, replace the bacon with asparagus for a healthier recipe.

You need the following ingredients: egg yolks, Gouda cheese, kosher salt, whole spaghetti, olive oil, fresh asparagus, garlic cloves, lemon juice and ground red pepper.

Calories: 488

Egg toast in the oven

This dish is a mix of crispy, chewy and creamy textures and is ideal for breakfast. You need the following ingredients: olive oil, shiitake mushrooms, lemon juice, kosher salt, garlic, eggs, black pepper and wholemeal bread.

Calories: 262

Bowl of cereal, vegetables and fried eggs

This bowl of cereal is rich in fresh and sparkling vegetables, accompanied by fried eggs whose yolk serves wonderfully as a vinaigrette. You need the following ingredients: lime juice, tahini, soy sauce, sesame oil, fresh ginger, olive oil, eggs, cucumbers, carrots, edamame, kosher salt.

Calories: 494

Fried with leeks and green onions

Leeks and green onions offer a rustic flavor and thus become the ideal breakfast or, why not, lunch for you and your family. You need the following ingredients: leeks, olive oil, green onions, eggs, milk, mixed fresh herbs, kosher salt, black pepper, herb cheese and garlic.

Calories: 263

Zucchini and poached egg pancakes

Za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice mixed with oregano and more, is used for these zucchini patties. You need the following ingredients: zucchini noodles, kosher salt, panko, mixed fresh herbs, green onions, lemon juice, Za’atar, black pepper, eggs and olive oil.

Calories: 283

Apricot and pistachio puff pastry

Soufflé is much easier to prepare than you might think. Apricots, honey and pistachios contribute to a creamy and delicate dish. You therefore need the following ingredients: unsalted butter, caster sugar, apricot compote, pistachios, honey, cardamom, kosher salt, egg yolks, egg whites and cream of tartar.

Calories: 240

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